Is Aruba access point good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for any environment that requires multiple WAPs. Great Access Point. This is a step up over the IAP-105 due to the compatibility with 802.11ac. We seldom have a problem when we deploy Aruba’s in an office environment.

How do I get rid of Aruba access point?

Deleting an Instant AP from the Network

  1. In the Network Operations app, use the filter bar to select a group.
  2. Under Manage.
  3. Click the list icon to display the AP list page.
  4. Click Access Points.
  5. Hover over the mouse on the AP name from the table.
  6. Click the delete icon.
  7. Click the Delete icon.
  8. Click OK to confirm deletion.

How do I reset my Aruba access point password?

To reset the admin password on Aruba Instant:

  1. From the console, enter this username and password: Username: admin. Password: forgetme!
  2. Get into configure terminal mode: # configure terminal.
  3. Issue this command to reset the password:

How does Aruba AP join a controller?

The AP enters the controller discovery process using ADP. ADP is an Aruba proprietary Layer 2 protocol. It is used by the APs to obtain the IP address of the TFTP server from which it downloads the AP boot image.. When a managed device is discovered, the AP connects to the managed device and downloads the ArubaOS image …

How do I change my IP address on my Aruba access point?

To change the IP address of IAP:

  1. In the Access Points tab, click the IAP to modify. The edit link is displayed.
  2. Click the edit link. The edit window for modifying IAP details is displayed.
  3. Select either the Get IP address from DHCP server or Specify statically option.

What is the default username and password for Aruba access point?

The default username for your Aruba Networks router is admin. The default password is admin.

How do I find my WIFI password Aruba?

1. Aruba Networks AP-115 Router login and password

  1. To login to Aruba Networks AP-115 Router, Open your web browser and type the default IP Address in the address bar.
  2. The default username for your Aruba Networks AP-115 router is admin and the default password is admin.

Is an Aruba a router?

Aruba Instant On access points replace a typical router. Just plug an Aruba Instant On access point into the cable that brings the internet into your home to enable your Wi-Fi network.

How do I get better Wi-Fi in Aruba?

Wi-Fi Aruba Island wide coverage on the go!

  1. Start your device. Start your laptop, tablet, iPod touch or smartphone.
  2. Open your browser. Search for the Wi-Fi Aruba network.
  3. Easy Payment. Pay with your Credit Card or buy a prepaid card.
  4. Connect & Surf. Connect to a fast and reliable Internet network.

How do I configure my Aruba access point?

Aruba Central – How to Configure AP Settings

  1. Click Configuration, Wireless.
  2. Select a group and then click Access Points.
  3. Click the AP that user want to customize.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Configure the parameters described in table below as required and then click Save Settings.
  6. Click Save Settings and reboot the AP.