Is Ambiguate a word?

Ambiguate definition To make a situation or something more ambiguous.

What is the verb for ambiguity?

disambiguate. To remove ambiguities from; to make less ambiguous. (linguistics) To distinguish one word or lexical unit (from a different one which has a similar form).

What is an ambiguous sentence example?

Examples of Ambiguous Sentences (It can either mean that the goat is cooked and ready for everyone to eat it or that the goat is ready to be fed some food). The burglar robbed the woman with the knife.

What’s an example of an ambiguous sentence?

An example of ambiguity in a sentence is the chicken is ready to eat. There are two meanings, the first one is that the chicken is already cooked and people are going to eat that chicken, the other meaning is a chicken is going to eat.

What is ambiguity in a person?

If you are ambivalent about something, you feel two ways about it. ‘Ambiguous’, on the other hand, means “unclear or capable of being understood in two or more different ways.”

What is an example of ambiguous sentence?

What is ambiguous grammar with example?

A Grammar that makes more than one Leftmost Derivation (or Rightmost Derivation) for the similar sentence is called Ambiguous Grammar. Example − Verify whether the following Grammar is Ambiguous or Not. For string id + id * id, there exist two parse trees.

What are ambiguous words and examples?

Common Examples of Ambiguity The bark was painful. (Could mean a tree’s bark was rough or a dog’s bark communicated pain or hurt the listener’s ears). You should bring wine or beer and dessert. (Could mean that you must bring just wine, wine and dessert, or beer and dessert). Harry isn’t coming to the party.

What an example of an ambiguous sentence with at least 2 different meanings?

What is ambiguous sentence?

An ambiguous sentence has two or more possible meanings within a single sentence or sequence of words. This can confuse the reader and make the meaning of the sentence unclear.

What is ambiguous and unambiguous grammar explain with example?

A context-free grammar is called ambiguous grammar if there exists more than one derivation tree or parse tree. Example – S -> S + S / S * S / S / a. 2. Unambiguous Grammar : A context-free grammar is called unambiguous grammar if there exists one and only one derivation tree or parse tree.

What are the most ambiguous words?

It is true that common words usually have several different meanings, but not all of those meanings are used equally often. Some meanings of polysemantic words are used much more frequently than others are….How Computers Resolve Ambiguity.

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What is ambiguous and unambiguous sentence?

A grammar is said to be ambiguous if there exists more than one left most derivation or more than one right most derivation or more than one parse tree for a given input string. If the grammar is not ambiguous then we call unambiguous grammar. If the grammar has ambiguity then it is good for compiler construction.