How to detect user language PHP?

We can detect requesting browser’s language using PHP’s super global variable $_SERVER . It is a superglobal variable which holds information about headers, paths, and script locations. It is basically an associative array in PHP which has keys like SERVER_NAME, SERVER_ADDR, REQUEST_METHOD , etc.

How can I get user agent in PHP?

“get user agent in php” Code Answer’s

  1. function get_browser_name($user_agent){
  2. $t = strtolower($user_agent);
  3. $t = ” ” . $
  4. if (strpos($t, ‘opera’ ) || strpos($t, ‘opr/’) ) return ‘Opera’ ;
  5. elseif (strpos($t, ‘edge’ ) ) return ‘Edge’ ;
  6. elseif (strpos($t, ‘chrome’ ) ) return ‘Chrome’ ;

What does $GET do in PHP?

PHP $_GET is a PHP super global variable which is used to collect form data after submitting an HTML form with method=”get”. $_GET can also collect data sent in the URL. When a user clicks on the link “Test $GET”, the parameters “subject” and “web” are sent to “test_get.

How can I get browser information in PHP?

The get_browser() function in PHP is an inbuilt function that is used to tell the user about the browser’s capabilities. This function looks up the user’s browscap. ini file and returns the capabilities of the user’s browser.

How does laravel know language?

First you set $availableLangs the array of the available languages in your app, you may use config\app. php instead of initializing the array in the middleware as I did. If the first language is available in the request language data, it sets the locale, if not, it will search the next one, and so on.

When you use the $_ GET?

6 Answers. Show activity on this post. $_GET is useful for pages where users are requesting data – such as a search page, and pages that a user might want to bookmark and share with others.

How do I find my User-Agent browser?

To detect user browser information we use the navigator. userAgent property. And then we match with the browser name to identify the user browser. Now call this JS function on page load, and this will display the user browser name on page load.

What is laravel language?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, which is robust and easy to understand. It follows a model-view-controller design pattern. Laravel reuses the existing components of different frameworks which helps in creating a web application. The web application thus designed is more structured and pragmatic.

What is my user agent info?

I bet you are now thinking, “what’s my user agent?” It’s an intermediary or middle man between you and the internet world. In simple words, it’s a string of text that is unique for each software or browser on the internet and holds the technical information about your device and operating system.

How can I get browser user agent?

The user-agent string of the browser is accessed using the navigator. userAgent property and then stored in a variable. The presence of the strings of a browser in this user-agent string is detected one by one. Detecting the Chrome browser: The user-agent of the Chrome browser is “Chrome”.

What is get & POST method in PHP?

Get and Post methods are the HTTP request methods used inside the tag to send form data to the server. HTTP protocol enables the communication between the client and the server where a browser can be the client, and an application running on a computer system that hosts your website can be the server.

When you use the $_ GET variable to collect data?

Explanation: The global variables $_GET is used to collect form data after submitting an HTML form with the method=”get”. The variable $_SET is also used to retrieve information from forms. Explanation: The cross-site scripting attack is among one of the top five security attacks carried out across the Internet.

When you use the $_ GET variable to collect data the data is?

Solution. When you use the $_GET variable to collect data, the data is visible to everyone.

What is PHP gettext?

Gettext Functions. bind_textdomain_codeset — Specify or get the character encoding in which the messages from the DOMAIN message catalog will be returned. bindtextdomain — Sets or gets the path for a domain. dcgettext — Overrides the domain for a single lookup. dcngettext — Plural version of dcgettext.

How do I get laravel Locale?

To fetch current locale you should use App::getLocale() or App::isLocale(‘…’) . Localization. You can also use app()->getLocale() which in Blade would be {{ app()->getLocale() }} .