How tall is a F70 14 tire?

Extended Tire Protection cost is $20.00 per tire for tires priced up to $299.00 (sku# ETP1) and $30.00 per tire for tires priced from $300.00 to $499.00 (sku# ETP2)….Extended Protection for Your Tires.

Tire Series Wide Oval
Width Bias Ply F70
Rim Diameter (in) 14
Overall Diameter (in) 26.2
Section Width (in) 8.3

Does Firestone make white letter tires?

The same passion and expertise that has gone into every winning set go into the Firestone tires we sell today. And nowhere is that truer than with these Firehawk Indy 500 white letter tires.

How wide is a G60 tire?

How Do I Convert Old Tire Sizes?

Tire Size Overall Diameter Section Width
G78-15 28.0″ 8.4″
G70-15 27.5″ 8.6″
G60-15 26.4″ 9.7″

What is a F70 14 tire Conversion?

Vintage Car Tyre Conversion Chart

Alpha-numeric 60 Series Alpha-numeric 70 Series Modern 80 Series
E60-14 E70-14 195/80 R14
F60-14 F70-14 205/80 R14
G60-14 G70-14 215/80 R14
H60-14 H70-14 225/80 R14

Why are there no white letter tires?

On modern low profile, performance tires, there is not enough room to sandwich this solid white layer. Further, the white layer is purely cosmetic, and therefore adds nothing the the strength and construction of the sidewall.

How wide is a 75 series tire?

METRIC TIRE TO DIAMETER (INCHES) CALCULATOR For example a LT265/75R16 would be around 31.6 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

How wide is a G60 14 tire?

Vintage Car Tyre Conversion Chart

Alpha-numeric 60 Series Alpha-numeric 70 Series Inch size, Pre 1965
E60-14 E70-14 7.00-14
F60-14 F70-14 7.50-14
G60-14 G70-14 8.00-14
H60-14 H70-14 8.50-14

What size is a F78-14?

What size tires and load range should I consider? Expert Reply: F78-14 is an old size designation and equates to a 205/75-14 tire size so you will want to look at tires in this size.

Are raised white letter tires still available?

Though not as common today, there are still many lines of tires sporting this distinctive style, often designated in their model number as RWL (Raised White Lettering).

Are white letter tires making a comeback?

White letters are not making a comeback, because they never went out.

What size is an F78 tire?

Vintage Tire Size Conversion Chart

Pre-1964 1965-72 Alpha Numeric 78 series
5.90-14 645-14 B78-14
6.50-14 695-14 C78-14
7.00-14 735-14 E78-14
7.50-14 775-14 F78-14

How wide is a 75 tire?

Which tire is wider a 70 or 75?

The sidewall of a 70-series tire will be 70% of the width, a 75 series will be 75% of the width. If you want the same HEIGHT in a 70 series, then you need to go wider in the width — about 219.