How old is Declan Bennett?

41 years (March 20, 1981)Declan Bennett / Age

What else has Declan Bennett been in?

Bennett was a member of boyband Point Break and excluding EastEnders is known for his leading West End roles in Jesus Christ Superstar, Once and The View Upstairs. On screen, he has also appeared in Inside Llewyn Davis and Top of the Pops.

Who is Declan Bennett dating?

Declan Bennett is currently single. As of 2021, The 40-year-old is not dating anyone.

Who plays Matthew Venn?

Ben AldridgeDI Matthew Venn / Played by

How old is Ben Aldridge?

36 years (November 12, 1985)Ben Aldridge / Age

What religion is The Long Call?

It is the first book in the Two Rivers series, with Ann also inspiring popular shows such as Vera and Shetland. The Church of the Brethren is a real religious group, however, the characters aren’t real. Writer Kelly Jones revealed she had spoken to a woman who was raised in a fundamentalist Christian church.

How tall is Ben Aldridge?

6′ 1″Ben Aldridge / Height

Where is the long call filmed?

Principal photography took place in 2020 on location in Bristol and the North Devon coast, particularly around the Taw and Torridge estuary. Matthew and Jonathan’s house is located in Appledore. Actor Ben Aldridge grew up in the area.

Is The Long Call based on Plymouth Brethren?

Director Lee Haven Jones, revealed: “I was amazed to hear about his background, his upbringing and his family being part of the Plymouth Brethren, which is not the Brethren we see in the series but it’s similar.

Will there be season 2 The Long Call?

Season 2 will dwell around a brand-new case with brand-new suspects. The Season 1 finale was epic. Matthew finally figured out who was behind Simon Walden’s death. If Ann Cleeves brings out her new book, we can calculate what the new season will hold.

Who plays King of Navarre in Reign?

Benjamin Charles Aldridge
Benjamin Charles Aldridge (12 November 1985) is an English actor. He portrays King Antoine of Navarre on Reign.

Where is the beach house in The Long Call?

The opening scenes of the ITV series were filmed at Devon’s Crow Point, while Matthew and Jonathan’s house is located in Appledore, a village set on the outskirts of the Taw and Torridge rivers.

What religion is long call?

What religion features in The Long Call?

The evangelical church Venn grew up with also turned its back on him, but it’s the place viewers will first meet him as he comes home for his father’s funeral and opens up old wounds from his abandonment by both family and church.

Why is it called long call?

The “long call” in the title, by the way, refers to the cry of the herring gull, commonly observed shrieking around the English riviera, but that’s the clearest thing about this over-ambitious drama.

Why is the book called The Long Call?

But Cleeves’s true strength lies in her descriptions of the natural world, gorgeously captured in this brief description of Venn listening to ‘the surf on the beach and the cry of a herring gull, the sound naturalists named the long call, the cry which always sounded to him like an inarticulate howl of pain.

What is the Woodyard in The Long Call?

The Woodyard’s facilities include a cafe, meeting rooms, classrooms, an art studio and a day centre for vulnerable adults. When one of them goes missing, Venn is sure there’s a connection between Christine Shapland, who is 42 and has Downs Syndrome, and the murder of Simon Walden. But what is it?

Is The Long Call about Plymouth Brethren?