How much is the boat trip to Alcatraz?

Adult (18-61 years old) US$ 41.00. Junior (12-17 years old) US$ 41.00. Child (5-11 years old) US$ 25.00. Senior (62+ years old) US$ 38.65.

Does Alcatraz tour include ferry?

Visiting Alcatraz is one of the top things to do in San Francisco. The tour includes the Alcatraz Ferry to the island, the infamous prison audio tour, and more. The island has so much to offer, it’s little wonder that visiting Alcatraz is a top San Francisco attraction.

How much are tickets to Alcatraz in San Francisco?

San Francisco Alcatraz Ticket Prices

Alcatraz Ticket Prices Rev. March 17, 2021 Daytime & Early Bird Behind the Scenes
Adults (Ages 18-61) $41.00 NA
Junior (12-17) $41.00 NA
Child (5-11) $25.00 Not Permitted
Infants and Toddlers (0-4) Free Not Permitted

Can I go to Alcatraz for free?

Please note that as there is no federal entrance fee to visit Alcatraz. Therefore the America the Beautiful Annual/Senior/Access passes do not apply to the price of a ferry ticket for Alcatraz (which includes the cellhouse audio tour).

Where does the Alcatraz ferry leave from?

Pier 33
The boats leave from Pier 33 on the San Francisco Embarcadero, the waterfront boulevard running from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Ferry Building. Pier 33 is also called Alcatraz Landing.

How do you get to Alcatraz ferry?

The only way to get to Alcatraz is by a ferry operated by Alcatraz City Cruises, LLC. They are located on The Embarcadero near the intersection of Bay Street – just a bit south east of Fisherman’s Wharf. There is no parking at Pier 33. See map below.

Can you take photos at Alcatraz?

If you find yourself amidst large crowds on Alcatraz, don’t fret. You can still capture amazing photographs using a few different approaches. Consider using angles against negative spaces to mask people. Try shooting at subjects using upward and side angles in tight frame fields.

What time is the last ferry from Alcatraz?

In the summer, they run two ferries. The first one usually leaves around 6 pm and the second one leaves around 6:30 pm. There are also two return ferries. The final ferry leaves around 9:30 pm.

Where do I catch the Alcatraz ferry?

The only way to get to Alcatraz is by a ferry operated by Alcatraz City Cruises, LLC. They are located on The Embarcadero near the intersection of Bay Street – just a bit south east of Fisherman’s Wharf. There is no parking at Pier 33.

How long is Alcatraz boat ride?

12-15 minutes
The trip over to Alcatraz Island is 12-15 minutes each way and is factored into the suggested time of 2 ½ to 3 hours. Most guests spend approximately 2-3 hours total for the duration of the trip and tour. Alcatraz Cruises’ return ferries leave Alcatraz Island roughly every half hour from the time of arrival.

Can you eat on Alcatraz?

There is no food service on Alcatraz City Cruises vessels or on Alcatraz Island – only water. There are drinking fountains located by both restrooms – at the dock and near the lighthouse, and bottled water is available in the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy book stores on the island.

How often does the Alcatraz ferry run?

The Alcatraz ferries for the day tours depart from Pier 33 daily, every 30 or 60 minutes (depending on the day) from 9:30 or 10 am to 3, 4 or 6 pm and return every 30 or 60 minutes. Departure times for the return boats are posted at Pier 33 and at the dock on Alcatraz.

What pier does the Alcatraz ferry leave from?

Pier 33 under a blue sky. Pier 33 is located along San Francisco’s Embarcadero. This is the spot to catch the ferry that whisks you away for an experience of a lifetime on Alcatraz!

How early should I arrive for Alcatraz tour?

To allow ample time for screening, it is strongly recommend that you arrive at Alcatraz Landing at least 45 minutes prior to your departure time. Due to social distancing requirements in the Cellhouse, there may be a lengthy wait for the Cellhouse Audio Tour.

Are there any living prisoners from Alcatraz?

Alcatraz was intended to serve as a maximum-security prison during the civil war and shockingly, some of its prisoners are still alive to this day. In the 1850s, Alcatraz began operating to hold military prisoners during the Civil War.

Can you take pictures at Alcatraz?

Where is the best place to buy Alcatraz tickets?

You could purchase your tickets through Alcatraz Cruises or with any of a number of sightseeing tour companies in San Francisco that offer Alcatraz Island as part of a combination ticket. The National Park Service provides a Cellhouse Audio Tour that is included in the cost of your ferry ticket.

How far is it from San Francisco to Alcatraz?

Visitors can reach the island in a little under 15 minutes by ferry ride from Pier 33, located between the San Francisco Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco. Hornblower Cruises and Events, operating under the name Alcatraz Cruises, is the official ferry provider to and from the island.

How do you buy tickets to Alcatraz?

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  • Where do I buy tickets for Alcatraz?

    You may buy tickets online, by phone or in person. In Person: At the ferry departure point at Pier 33. Read rest of the answer. Also asked, how do I buy tickets for Alcatraz? Alcatraz Island tickets can be purchased online, over the phone or at the Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing Ticketbooth.