How much is a set of concrete stamps?

A single concrete stamp will cost between $50 and $350, while a set of stamps will range between $500 and $3,500. Custom stamps will cost considerably more. Some contractors budget up to $15,000 a year for new stamps, which includes replacing damaged stamps and adding new patterns to their lineup.

How many stamps do I need for concrete?

How many stamps do I need for my project? Take your dimensions of your project and figure out which direction you will run your stamps. Next measure what your longest run will be. Ideally you want the enough stamps to cover your first row and 2 stamps for the second row.

How thick should a concrete stamp be?

four inches
How thick is stamped concrete? Our standard slab is a minimum of four inches. Some situations will require us to pour six inches of concrete, and this would be discussed before the project takes place.

Can you concrete stamp on existing concrete?

Fortunately, it is possible to place stamped concrete over existing concrete. Stamped concrete overlays are durable options for upgrading, repairing, and enhancing existing concrete.

Why is stamped concrete so expensive?

To sum everything up, the coordination of renting the stamps, purchasing the coloring, the release, paying for the extra waiting time, paying a washout charge, extra labor to stamp the concrete after finishing, the second day to wash off the release, and then applying the sealer add up quickly.

How long after pouring concrete do you stamp it?

“But, in general, when you can touch the concrete and not have any sand on your hand, it’s about time, when that laitance is crusted enough, to put a release agent on there. Generally, it’s within an hour or two.” Frazier recommends getting enough stamps to cover at least the width of the slab.

What do you put on concrete before stamping?

Right before you stamp, apply a powdered release with a dry tampico brush in a flicking motion. Avoid too much buildup, which could interfere with the imprint texture, especially lighter textures.

How long after pouring do you stamp concrete?