How much is a Hondata ECU?

If you get your system tuned by a dealer (or someone with Hondata software) the prices range Hondata systems is from $195 to $995. The dealer’s installation and dyno time is not included in this price. If your car is OBD2 you will need to convert to a compatible OBD1 ECU from the compatible ecu list.

Is Hondata worth the money?

Hell yes it’s worth it! you’ll be amazed With the power gains And how the car drives after.

How much horsepower does Hondata add?

Overall, Hondata credits its tune for adding 18 to 37 hp across most of the rev range while 40 to 50 pound-feet is the quoted torque differential.

Does Hondata work on any Honda?

Now you can benefit from Hondata’s state of the art custom tuning software and calibrations with no downtime. Just drive your Honda or Acura to any one of the participating dealers. Within a few minutes they can install one of the many tuned base maps.

Is Hondata Flash Pro worth it?

FlashPro is worth every penny! I’ve had the basemap installed for a month now and it’s like a new car. The mid-range punch is strong! And the traction control alone is worth it.

What is a Hondata FlashPro?

The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging of late model performance Hondas and Acuras. It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager.

How much HP can a Type R make?

Type R Becomes an Immediate Hit in America in 2017 It is set up for fearsomely competitive handling coupled with a mighty 306 horsepower four-cylinder engine. This winning combination put it around the iconic Nurburgring faster than a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

Does Hondata tune void warranty?

Vehicle (engine / gearbox) warranty cannot be denied simply because a modification has been made. However, because of the nature of tuning, Hondata cannot guarantee optimal or appropriate tuning has been done and as a result cannot not cover engine damage.

How much HP does Hondata add to fk8?

Gains of 73 hp and 87 lb-ft torque. 100 octane fuel.