How much is a gewehr 88 worth?

Our Price: $699.99 It also has some pitting and some minor cracks. The rifle has beautiful Ethiopian markings. This is truly the last one. We just received a very small shipment of Gewehr 88 rifles.

What caliber is a gewehr 88?

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Specification Value
Full text name Rifle Gew.88 (“Gewehr modell 1888”) or “Komissiongewehr” (Commission rifle) (Germany)
Caliber cartridge 8mm Mauser 7.9x57mm / 7.92mm Mauser
Action type manual
Trigger type sa

What caliber is a GEW 88?

7.92×57mm Mauser
The Gewehr 88 (commonly called the Model 1888 commission rifle) was a late 19th-century German bolt-action rifle, adopted in 1888….Gewehr 1888.

Model 1888 commission rifle / Gewehr 88
Barrel length 740 mm (29.1 in) 490 mm (19 in) (Karabiner 88)
Cartridge M/88, 7.92×57mm Mauser from Gewehr 88/05 onwards

Is the gewehr 88 an antique?

This is a rare and very interesting example of a German manufactured Gewehr 1888 “Commission Rifle”, also known as the Gewehr 88, or GEW 88. All of these were made in the 1890s, making it an ANTIQUE by Federal Law. These rifles were originally chambered for 7.92mm Patrone 88 ammunition and had a fixed magazine.

What kind of gun was the Mauser Gewehr 98?

1915 Mauser Gewehr 98 Bolt Action Rifle found in Germany by Corporal Lawrence McVey during World War I. The Gewehr 98 rifle has a bolt action system that has two locking lugs just behind the bolt head. The rifle has a long metal barrel attached to the main body of the gun that is comprised of wood and metal pieces.

Who invented the Mauser rifle?

SN 906 K Peter Paul Mauser, the inventor of the Mauser bolt-action rifle and the youngest of thirteen children, was born on June 27, 1838 in Oberndorf, Germany. His father, Andreas Mauser, had worked as a master gunsmith in a government firearms factory which was located in the town, and six of his sons, including Paul, were trained in this craft.

What is a Mauser M1915 Flieger-Karabiner?

Thanks to reader Jacob, we have some fantastic photos of a Mauser M1915 Flieger-Karabiner. This was an early (although not the earliest) Mauser self-loading rifle design, and was used for a short time by German aviators (balloon and fixed-wing) during the First World War.

Where did the Mauser family buy the Royal Arms Factory?

The firm eventually purchased the royal arms factory at Oberndorf, where several members of the Mauser family had been employed. Meanwhile, Paul continued to experiment with further improvements to his design.