How much horsepower does a stock RB25 make?

With a healthy RB25DET, the typical safe figures for stock internals are around 400hp, with some riskier owners having reliably pushed them 450hp.

What did the RB25DET neo come in?

Nissan’s RB25DET engine burst onto the scene in 1993 when it was used in the R33 Nissan Skyline GTST. It was introduced after Nissan ceased the production of its predecessor (the RB20DET) in the same year.

How much boost can a RB25DE handle?

Stock turbo can do max of . 85 bar, which depending on supporting mods and remap will get you about 320-330bhp.

Can I turbo a RB25DE?

Yes, you can turbo any RB… even a RB20E if you can find the manifold to do so! The most important part to gain power while keeping it all safe is the tune and tuner. You can chip your stock ECU but a stand alone ECU is best.

Can you turbo a Na skyline?

RB25DET Series II yes, you can boost a NA car but keep the pressures down to a bare minimum such as say 7-8 PSI.

Is rb25 better than RB26?

The RB 25 and the RB 26 also differ in their capacity. While the RB 25 comes wth a capacity of 2498 cc, the RB 26 comes with a capacity of 2566 cc. The RB 25 DE comes with a power of 190 hp at 5600 and the RB 25 DET comes with a power of 250 hp at 5600. On the other hand, the RB 26 comes with a power of 280 hp at 5600.

Can you turbo an RB20?

There are many turbo upgrade routes one can take with an RB20DET engine. The easiest and cheapest is often upsizing to a larger OEM Nissan turbocharger. The RB25DET turbocharger is a quick and easy bolt-on upgrade to the RB20, is slightly larger, and can provide a bit more boost and power.

What is the horsepower of the RB25DE NEO?

RB25DE NEO power increased to 200 HP at 6,400, torque 231 NM at 4,800 RPM. Along with naturally aspirated engine, well-known turbocharged modification RB25DET was produced also.

How much boost on stock RB25DET?

It is much easier, more reliable, quicker and cheaper to purchase RB25DET, and you will gain much power at once. As to increasing the boost on stock RB25DET turbocharger, their limit is just 11.5-13 psi (0.8-0.9 bar).

What are the disadvantages of RB25?

Also RB25 have high fuel consumption and problems with electronics. In other respects, these engines are quite reliable, if being served regularly and using high quality engine oil and gasoline.

What are the specs of a Nissan RB25 engine?

Nissan RB25 engine specs Manufacturer Yokohama Plant Also called Nissan RB25 Production 1991-2001 Cylinder block alloy Cast-iron Configuration Straight-6