How much does it cost to rent an event center in Nigeria?

The average price of event centres / venues for rent in Lagos is ₦235,000 per day. The most expensive event centre / venue costs ₦17,000,000 per day while the cheapest costs ₦50,000 per day. There are 503 listings and 50 available event centres / venues for rent in Lagos, Nigeria.

How much does it cost to rent a hall in Eko Hotel?

1) Eko Convention Centre: It possesses a banquet and exhibition centre that can be divided into 5 different sections. With 5,151 metres of square space, it can fit 270 exhibition stands and can also host concerts with up to 6,000 audience members. Renting this venue costs about N9 million and above.

How much does it cost to rent Monarch Hall Lekki?

The Throne-room is the main hall of the monarch event centre. It sits more than 1500 guests, but with Covid compliant, they allow 800 to 1000 guests depending on your event type, size and sitting arrangements. This is offered at 7million naira.

Who owns the monarch event Centre?

The facility is owned by one of the wives of a flamboyant traditional ruler in the state, Oba Saheed Elegushi, the 21st monarch of Ikate-Elegushi, who has a penchant for luxury items.

How much does it cost to rent a hall wedding in Lagos?

The average price of halls for rent in Lagos is ₦525,000 per day. The most expensive hall costs ₦17,000,000 per day while the cheapest costs ₦80,000 per day.

Who owns the monarch Lekki?

Who is the owner of Monarch Event Center?

Oba Saheed Elegushi
Ever stylish wife of popular Lagos monarch, Oba Saheed Elegushi, Queen Sekinat, has opened her long-awaited multi-billion naira ‘TheMonarch’ event centre. The event centre sits gracefully along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, just overlooking the Elegushi’s palace.

How much does a small wedding cost in Nigeria?

To keep it simple, Nigerian weddings cost between N200,000 and N20,000,000. Most Nigerians are low-income earners, and they spend as low as between N200,000 and N500,000 (sometimes, with financial assistance from friends and family).

How much are event planners paid in Nigeria?

Event Planning Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Event Coordinator Range:₦531k – ₦4m Average:₦1,500,000
Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization Range:₦2m – ₦3m Average:₦1,800,000
Executive Assistant Range:₦920k – ₦4m Average:₦1,440,000
Event Manager Range:₦0 – ₦0 (Estimated *) Average:₦1,500,000

Are event centers profitable in Nigeria?

The average price of event centres / venues for rent in Nigeria is N240,000 per day. The most expensive event centre / venue costs about N7 million per day while the cheapest costs about N50,000 per day. So, if the centre has a high occupancy rate, it can be generating between N3 million and N4 million weekly.

Who owns the monarch in Lekki?

Who owns the monarch Lagos?

His Royal Majesty, Oba Alayeluwa Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III, a Nigerian monarch (born 10 April 1976), is the 21st Elegushi of the Ikate-Elegushi Kingdom. Oba Elegushi is a descendant of Kusenla Ruling House of Ikateland in Lagos State.

What is an event Centre?

EVENT CENTER A public or privately owned structure or area used for the purposes of public performances, sporting events, private receptions or parties, or similar attractions that may generate heavy traffic. Entertainment facilities may include concert halls, stadiums, sports arenas, racetracks, rodeo arenas.

Who owns the Monarch Hall?

How can I do cheap wedding in Nigeria?

10 Unique Ideas for ‘Planning a Boujee on a Budget’ Wedding in Nigeria

  1. Book Travels and Honeymoon Far In Advance to Save Cost and Dine Like Royalty.
  2. Buy Wedding Things from the Open Markets.
  3. Buy Food and Drinks in Bulk to Save Cost.
  4. Take Advantage of Bargains and Promos.
  5. Ask for Discount Everywhere You Shop.

How many days are Nigerian weddings?

“Couples will have two-day weddings or one-day weddings with two different ceremonies because the traditional wedding is where the couple gets married culturally and focuses on honoring their culture, lineage and traditions,” says Esiemokhai.

How do I plan an event in Nigeria?

How to Plan an Event in Nigeria

  1. Have a Vision. Your vision is the heart of your event.
  2. Organize a Team. You might not be as experienced as others.
  3. Create a Budget. Finances are very Important when Planning an Event.
  4. Decide on a Venue.
  5. Get Event Partners and Sponsors.
  6. Create Event Branding.
  7. Leverage Technology.