How much does it cost to get into Museo Soumaya?

no admission fee
Tourist Guide Museo Soumaya The Museo Soumaya is open every day between 10:30 and 18:30 and there is no admission fee. The museum is located in the Plaza Carso just off the Revolución Avenue with the junction to the Eje 10 south, it is approximately 15km to the south of the Zocalo and Mexico Cathedral.

Where is the Museo Soumaya located?

Mexico City
Museo Soumaya

Location Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City
Coordinates 19.440806°N 99.204583°W
Type Art museum
Accreditation ICOM; Mexican ILM; FEMAM
Building details

How do I get to Soumaya museum?

Getting There If you’re comfortable navigating Mexico City’s bus system, there’s a bus stop right in front of the museum’s entrance. Otherwise, you can take the metro to the Polanco station, but it’s about a 25-minute walk from the station to the museum.

Who designed Museo Soumaya?

FREE Fernando Romero EnterprisE
Mexico City–Designed by FREE Fernando Romero EnterprisE, Museo Soumaya opened to the public on March 29, 2011 after four years of development. The Museo Soumaya houses one of the most important art collections in Latin America with over 6,200 artworks and 60,000 square feet of exhibition space.

Is Soumaya Museum free?

Here are a few: Museo Soumaya was created by Mexican business tycoon Carlos Slim, and contains a varied private art collection. There are two locations, and both offer free admission every day of the week.

How many levels floors are there in the Soumaya Museum?

Free to the public, the Soumaya houses more than 60,000 pieces of art on six floors that offer 6,000 square meters of exhibition space.

Who owns Soumaya museum?

Carlos Slim Helu
Museo Soumaya is the lovechild of Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican entrepreneur and one of the world’s richest men. Open since 2011, it houses 66,000 pieces from Slim’s extensive collection.

What museums are free in Mexico City?

There’s only one free museum in Mexico City on Wednesday – Museo Universitario del Chopo.

What shape is Museo Soumaya?

The new Museo Soumaya in Mexico City has been described as “dazzling,” “a trapezoid in motion,” “a shiny silver cloud-like structure reminiscent of a Rodin sculpture,” and “the world’s flashiest museum.” Designed by maverick young architect Fernando Romero, it also was called “impossible to build.” The façade, in …

Does Mexico City zoo have pandas?

Xin Xin is a female giant panda that lives in the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City.

What can you do in Mexico City water?

Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

  • Restaurante Nicos. Copy Link. Av.
  • Taco Crawl in Centro Histórico. Copy Link. Historic center of Mexico City, Centro, Mexico City.
  • El Cardenal. Copy Link.
  • Bósforo. Copy Link.
  • Pastelería Ideal. Copy Link.
  • Taco Omakase at Pujol.

Is the Soumaya free?

Museo Soumaya From Tamayo murals and 20th-century Mexican works to the ever-changing temporary expositions on the top floor, it also boasts a wealth of European art from the Old Masters. And it’s completely free, every day.

What is the biggest zoo in Mexico?

Guadalajara Zoo
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Zoológico Guadalajara (Guadalajara Zoo) is the main zoological park in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and is widely considered the most important in Latin America. It is the largest in the country with respect to species population.

Why did China give Mexico pandas?

The connection between Mexico City and pandas dates to 1975, when the Chapultepec Zoo received two pandas as a gift from the Chinese government: a male called Pe Pe and a female who was given the name Ying Ying, both of whom died many years ago.