How much does it cost to climb Mount Kenya?

For a guided climb to Lenana Peak, you’re looking at a cost of around $2,000-$4,000 USD. This cost generally includes food and accommodation, both in Nairobi and on Mount Kenya, as well as necessary technical equipment.

How many days does it take to climb Mount Kenya?

around four to six days
Hikers usually complete their Mount Kenya hikes in around four to six days. This gives you plenty of time to ascend gradually and enjoy the scenery. When you’re planning your Mount Kenya hike, it’s vital you travel with an expert guide.

Can you climb Mount Kenya in a day?

Technical Climbs up Mount Kenya Batian Peak All 21 pitches are done in one day, making this Mt Kenya summit not only a beautiful climb, but an exhausting one as well. This peak is best attempted in June through August. Taking a break on the route up Batian Peak, a significant rock climbing challenge.

Can beginners climb Mt Kenya?

The Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days program is a 13-week, 7-event outdoor fitness course, specially designed to meet the needs of a beginner, and get them to Mt Kenya Point Lenana in 90 days. The course features six prep hikes with increasing difficulty, targeted toward building resilience.

Can I climb Mt Kenya without a guide?

And unlike Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kenya doesn’t require you to take a guide to climb the summit. It does however require you to battle the cold, the rain, muddy bogs, altitude sickness, slippery scree slopes and solitude to reach the top. Exactly the kind of adventure indie trekkers dream about.

Can you climb Mount Kenya alone?

The only time it is a requirement to book a guide is when hiking Mount Kenya solo and the park allows only groups of two or more to hike unguided.

Do you need a guide to climb Mt Kenya?

Is it hard to climb Mt Kenya?

The Mount Kenya trek is a challenging and enjoyable journey to Mount Kenya’s highest trekking peak (Point Lenana) at 4985 metres. From the summit there is a beautiful view of the dramatic volcanic massif and the two main peaks of Batian and Nelion, as well as long views over the central plains of Kenya.

Can you climb Mt Kenya without a guide?

Mount Kenya is a high-altitude mountain and extremely steep. While climbing Mount Kenya is allowed without a guide for groups of two or more, it is a serious mountain and comes with serious consequences. Altitude sickness occurs here often, so proper acclimatization is very important.