How much does a Giraffatitan weight?

51,000 – 87,000 lbsGiraffatitan / Mass

Is Seismosaurus the biggest dinosaur?

At 120-150 feet Seismosaurus was the longest dinosaur. Diploducus, Supersaurus, Brachiosaurus, and its close relative Ultrasaurus approached lengths of 100 feet.

Which dinosaur is bigger than Argentinosaurus?

Bruhathkayosaurus, a dinosaur that may have been as big or even bigger than Argentinosaurus, was only known from limb, hip, and tail elements, and those fossils disappeared (much like the near-mythical dinosaur giant Amphicoelias, estimated to be 190 feet long from a long-lost piece of vertebra).

Is Giraffatitan bigger than Brachiosaurus?

Brachiosaurus appears to have had a sturdier build than Giraffatitan, with its bulkier front limbs placed a little wider. It also had a longer tail and torso for its size. Giraffatitan was a noticeably more slender and compact dinosaur, giving it that recognizable giraffe-like body shape.

How big is a Giraffatitan?

39 ft.Giraffatitan / Height

How big is Maximo The titanosaur?

122 feet
About the Exhibit Named Máximo, meaning “maximum” or “most” in Spanish, our titanosaur cast reaches 122 feet across Stanley Field Hall on our main floor and stands 28 feet tall at the head. Modeled from fossil bones excavated in Argentina, this cast conveys the sheer size of the biggest animal ever to live.

What is the length of Janenschia?

It is speculated to be about 24 metres long (79 ft). Janenschia has had a convoluted nomenclatural history. In 1907, Eberhard Fraas at “site P”, nine hundred metres to the southeast of Tendaguru Hill, discovered two skeletons of gigantic sauropods.

What kind of dinosaur is Janenschia?

Janenschia (named after Werner Janensch) is a large herbivorous sauropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania, Africa, 155 million years ago. Janenschia has had a convoluted nomenclatural history.

What is Janenschia robustus?

In 1991, German palaeontologist Rupert Wild of the Stuttgart Museum of Natural Sciences clarified the taxonomic status of G. robustus, by concluding that it was generically distinct from Tornieria. He renamed it Janenschia in honor of Werner Janensch, who had studied the vertebrate fauna from Tendaguru.

Is Tendaguria the same as Janenschia?

A number of specimens formerly assigned to Janenschia have been recognized as distinct genera. Two anterior dorsal vertebrae, and a possible posterior cervical vertebra, previously referred to the genus, were named Tendaguria in 2000. On the other hand, the caudal vertebral series MB. R. 2091.