How much does a Boeing 767 200 cost?

It has a total baggage capacity of 4,180.00 ft^3; 250.00 ft^3 being internal and 3,930.00 ft^3 being external. Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned BOEING 767-200ER is $12,500,000.00.

How much does it cost to own a 767?

Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.12-per-gallon fuel cost, the BOEING 767-300ER has total variable costs of $4,924,768.50, total fixed costs of $534,150.00, and an annual budget of $5,458,918.50. This breaks down to $12,130.93 per hour.

How much does a used 767 cost?

According to a Spring 2015 price list based on IBA/Ascend data, a used 767-300ER passenger jet can cost between $5.5 million and $65 million. A monthly lease can cost between $150,000 and $480,000. Both purchase and lease costs are based on a particular airframe’s age.

Is b767 still in production?

After moving through several variants, the 767 remains in production today – in both passenger and cargo configurations. The original 767-200 was first upgraded within its first year, with the extended range variant 767-200ER.

Does Nicki Minaj have a private jet?

The rapper owns a Gulfstream G5 private jet, the price of which she never disclosed, but she might have dropped between $43 million and $72 million for it. This time around, she took another private jet, a Gulfstream IV, with her husband, Kenneth Petty, and their one-year-old son.

How much does a FedEx 767 cost?

The 777 freighter has a list price of $339.2 million, while the 767-300 freighter retails for $212.2 million.

Does Wiz Khalifa has a private jet?

Wiz Khalifa knows how to live life to his fullest, and has been spotted flying on private jets for years. In 2012, Wiz Tweeted that he bought a jet – though whether he did or not is anyone’s guess.

Does Wiz Khalifa own a jet?

How much is a brand new 767?

200 Million dollars
Drake’s Private Jet Is Worth More Than He Is That may sound like an awful lot, but a Boeing 767 costs 200 Million dollars brand new, and this beastie was heavily modified; pimped-out, if you will.

Where can I find a Boeing 767 for sale?

Browse a wide selection of the latest Boeing 767 Aircraft for sale near you at, The market place for serious buyers and sellers of Boeing 767 around the globe. Most for sale listings will include preliminary condition specifications, current price, some will include videos and overall market intelligence.

How many 1996 Boeing 767 300ER are for sale?

Browse 6 aircraft for sale or refine your search for used planes or helicopters below. GPS Featured Seller: Clarantha Sirimanne, CSDS Air… We have TWO 1996 Boeing 767-300ER Passenger aircraft for sale. Please contac…

What is the Boeing 767 twinjet?

Development of the 767 occurred in tandem with a narrow-body twinjet, the 757, resulting in shared design features which allow pilots to obtain a common type rating to operate both aircraft.