How much does a bag of ANFO weigh?

ANFO provides excellent heave energy. Bagged ANFO is available in packaged form varying from bulk bags (500kg) through to smaller plastic bags (10, 20 and 25kg).

What is the specific gravity of ANFO?

0.85 g/cm3
We generally think of ANFO having a Specific gravity 0.85 g/cm3.

How is blasting powder factor calculated?

Calculating Powder Factors Or, alternatively, it can be the amount of explosives required to break a unit measure of rock. Since rock is usually measured in pounds, there are several possible combinations that can express the powder factor. Powder Factor = Tons of rock (or cubic yards) per pounds of explosive.

What is heavy ANFO?

Heavy ANFO is a blend of ANFO and Emulsion, which is made to increase the bulk density of normal ANFO, with the ability to be loaded into partial wet holes. By using these blends you increase the density of ANFO, thereby increasing the energy in the borehole.

What is ANFO oxygen?

Available in both bulk and bagged form, ANFO Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (AN) is a nominal blend of porous Ammonium Nitrate prill and fuel oil. It is a dry, free flowing explosive; formulated to ensure the appropriate oxygen balance providing optimal energy and sensitivity.

How is ANFO prepared?

[0015] Heat treated ammonium nitrate is used for the preparation of ANFO at a temperature below 30° C by loading it in a tank; fuel loading into a separate tank; feeding heat treated ammonium nitrate into a mixing chamber while the fuel is fed into the same chamber; and mixing the heat treated ammonium nitrate and fuel …

How is blasting measured?

Blasting seismographs measure ground vibrations in terms of particle velocity which is the speed at which the ground moves. Particle velocity is measured in inches per second. The peak particle velocity (PPV) which is not to be exceeded to prevent damage to homes is 1.0 inch per second.

Is ANFO water resistant?

ANFO is not waterproof or even resistant. ANFO can deflagrate if a significant amount of water has damaged the ANFO. ANFO can fail to detonate if water has damaged enough ANFO in the hole. If the ANFO shoots “low order”, it shoots inefficiently and produces excess gases.

What is ANFO mining?

Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil is a mixture of ammonium nitrate (AN) and fuel oil (FO). ANFO is commonly used in the mining industry as an explosive because of its low cost and is estimated to comprise 80% of all explosives used annually in North America.

How is ANFO mixed?

The usual ANFO formulation contains about 94% by weight ammonium nitrate and 6% diesel fuel oil. If recycled (used) lubricating oil could be safely substituted for the fuel oil, up to about 27 million gallons could be consumed. This use of recycled oil (RO) can save energy and reduce oil imports.

What is Sprinkler K-factor?

The k-factor for a fire sprinkler is the discharge coefficient, or in normal human terms just relates to the amount of water that is permitted through the sprinkler. The k-factor is dependent upon the orifice diameter of the sprinkler – a low k-factor (such as K2.

What is K in valuation?

What Is the K-Ratio? The K-ratio is a valuation metric that examines the consistency of an equity’s return over time. The data for the ratio is derived from a value-added monthly index (VAMI), which uses linear regression to track the progress of a $1,000 initial investment in the security being analyzed.