How much do Nike Air Max 95 cost?

Nike Air Max 95 Boys’ Grade School • University Gold/Black This item is new. $150.00

How much do Airmax 95 cost?

That’s because the Air Max 95 sold out fast in cities like Tokyo, resulting in some crazy asking prices. Some accounts of the reselling market in Tokyo threw wild figures like $1,000-$3,000 for the original colorways.

What country is Air Max 95 made in?


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  • How do Air Max 95 fit?

    FIT: The Nike Air Max 95 fits true to size,but go half a size up if you have wide feet

  • COMFORT: The AM95 is little hard on the midsole but once you wear it in it softens
  • CARE: The Nike Air Max 95 is super easy to clean with a brush and some warm water
  • SIZING: These come in unisex sizing,don’t forget to translate EU sizing to UK!
  • Is Nike and Nike Air different?

    The difference between Nike Air and Air Jordan is that the Air Jordan series was created with relation to the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan and Nike Air is a series of shoes that wanted to introduce air technology in the shoes. Even if they both are part of the larger brand Nike, they have their differences too.

    What are the Air Max 95?

    最近一款新配色的 Air Max 95 公布了官图。整个鞋面采用蓝色渐变的设计,搭配黑色的中底,视觉效果十分出众。鞋跟采用 3M 反光材质,增加了在黑暗环境下的辨识度。据悉这双全新的 Nike Air Max

    What is Air Max Nike?

    Pop Culture Inspiration. Air Maxes are no longer the go-to running shoe,but the shoe’s performance obsolescence is overshadowed by its massive presence in the worlds of music,fashion,and

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