How many US military bases around the world?

The Pentagon stated in 2013 that there are “around” 5,000 bases total, with “around” 600 of them overseas.

What countries are US Army bases in?


  • 119 base sites in Germany; 119 in Japan; 73 in South Korea; 44 in Italy.
  • Others in Aruba, Bahrain, Cuba, Djibouti, Estonia, Greece, Honduras, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Marshall Islands, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Spain, Tunisia, UK, US Virgins, Wake Island.

Where are US soldiers based around the world?

The military of the United States is deployed in most countries around the world, with between 150,000 to 200,000 of its active-duty personnel stationed outside the United States and its territories….East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Pacific Ocean.

Jurisdiction Total
Total 132,660
Army 35,182
Navy 38,137
USMC 29,335

What country has largest navy?

Largest Navies in the World 2022

Country Total Warships Submarines
China 777 79
Russia 603 64
North Korea 492 36
United States 490 68

Is there a military base in Africa?

Thousands of Americans are stationed at Camp Lemonnier in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti. CBS News correspondent Debora Patta visited the sprawling camp, which is the only permanent U.S. military base in all of Africa and as she reports, it’s close to some of the continent’s most dangerous trouble spots.

How many bases does China have in the world?

So far, though, the saga represents a win for China—with important qualifications. China still has just one military base abroad, a naval facility opened in 2017 in Djibouti.

Why does us need military bases around the world?

Having bases around the world enabled us to put neighbor-like military pressure on the Soviet Union even though our country is literally on the other side of the globe. Force Projection. The US is across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans from most of the rest of the world.

Which states have the most military bases?

Base State/Territory Base Alabama: Maxwell Air Force Base: Missouri: Whiteman Air Force Base: Alaska: Clear Air Force Station: Montana: Malmstrom Air Force Base: Eielson Air Force Base: Nebraska: Offutt Air Force Base: Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson: Nevada: Nellis Air Force Base: Arizona: Davis–Monthan Air Force Base: Nebraska: Offutt Air Force Base: Luke Air Force Base: New Jersey

What are the ten largest military bases?

California Military Bases. google earth.

  • Florida Military Bases. gettys.
  • Texas Military Bases. The major bases of Texas include:
  • Virginia Military Bases. gettys.
  • New York Military Bases.
  • Alabama Military Bases.
  • Tennessee Military Bases.
  • Georgia Military Bases.
  • What are military bases does the US have worldwide?

    Japan. Following the close of WWII,Japan’s military capacities were all but removed,and a plan was put into place that would allow Japan to slowly rebuild its military

  • Germany. The Landstuhl Medical Center,an Army base in Landstuhl,Germany,is the largest medical base outside of the continental United States.
  • South Korea.
  • Iraq.
  • Italy.
  • Kuwait.