How many times did views go platinum?

The album has been certified six times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

How do albums get leaked?

These days, most leaks occur when music has been uploaded to cloud-based storage online: hackers break passwords, access the music and share it. It’s thought most hacks are carried out for the sheer devilry, with extortion incidents in the manner of Radiohead’s rare.

Is the views album cover real?

Some fans pointed out that if the cover was legitimately shot with Drizzy dangling his feet over the edge, the proportional dimensions would make him a super-tall human. The CN Tower’s Twitter account confirmed that the cover is indeed Photoshopped.

Is Drake triple platinum?

The album was released April 29 and was certified double platinum June 9 and triple platinum on Aug. 3.

Do albums still leak?

All this is to say, that while album leaks do definitely still happen (Adele, Bjork, and ASAP Rocky being prominent examples) they are not as frequent and are far from a guarantee. In those cases where high-profile albums do leak, it may be part of a deliberate strategy by the label.

Why do artists leak their own music?

“Leaks and unreleased songs definitely creates hype for an artist if they are on the come up or already popular and are about to release a major project in the near future,” said Hasan Mo, a communications student at DePaul and fan of underground hip-hop.

Did Drake really sit on the tower?

It turns out that those suspicions were correct, as it quickly came to light that the image of Drake perched atop the CN Tower’s SkyPod was fabricated.

How many Views Drake got?

Video Views Yesterday
* The Game – 100 ft. Drake (Official Music Video) 135,676,641 19,796
Drake – Find Your Love (Official Music Video) 134,951,449 14,351
* Meek Mill – R.I.C.O. Feat. Drake (Official Audio) 129,525,503 12,799
* 2 Chainz – No Lie ft. Drake (Official Music Video) (Explicit Version) 120,515,735 18,974

What happens when a song gets leaked?

When a song or album gets leaked, it means a song has been unofficially released by an outside source of an artist’s group.

Why is Drake Views not on youtube?

Only his music videos are on youtube. It’s because of youtubes new “music premium” so he probably get payed a lot more from people listening there than on normal youtube videos.

How tall is Drake on the Views cover?

We demand answers. After months of anticipation, Drake’s Views From the 6 will be released in a few days. To get everybody excited, Drake revealed the cover of the album, which is a photo of him on the top of Toronto’s landmark CN Tower.