How many tasks are included in the edTPA assignment?

The edTPA consists of three tasks: Task 1 – Planning, Task 2 – Instruction, and Task 3 – Assessment.

What is Task 3 Part D of edTPA?

Task 3: Assessing Student Learning Part B: Evidence of Feedback. Part C: Assessment Commentary. Part D: Evaluation Criteria.

What is Task 2 of the edTPA?

edTPA task 2 is one way for aspiring teachers to prove that they’re prepared for the classroom. The task requires pre-service teachers to submit a video clip, instruction commentary, and transcription of inaudible segments.

What does the edTPA consist of?

The edTPA includes three major components: Planning, Instruction and Assessment. In the Planning Task, candidates include an instructional context, lesson plans, instructional materials, and a Planning Commentary. In the Instruction Task, there is a video component and an Instruction Commentary.

How many parts are in Task 1 of edTPA?

The edTPA includes the following three main parts: Task 1: Planning for Instruction and Assessment.

How many tasks do elementary edTPA portfolios have?

The following pages provide specific instructions on how to complete each of the four tasks of the edTPA Elementary Education assessment.

What is Task 1 of the edTPA?

Use of the edTPA trademarks is. permitted only pursuant to the terms of a written license agreement. TASK 1: PLANNING COMMENTARY. Respond to the prompts below (no more than 9 single-spaced pages, including prompts) by typing your responses within the brackets.

What is the evaluation criteria for Task 3 edTPA?

Students must list 3 similarities and 6 differences. At least 6 of the nine responses must be correct. There must be at least 2 correct in each of the 3 sections of the Venn Diagram so as to indicate that the student met the objective of identifying similarities and differences.

Which edTPA task takes longest?

complete the edTPA shared that Task 1: Planning takes the longest.

How many lessons do you need for edTPA?

The edTPA requires three to five lessons from a subject-specific learning segment. Don’t feel pressured to create a unit from scratch—but you should certainly adapt it to meet your students’ needs and the Common Core State Standards .

Is edTPA really hard?

Future educators, take it from me: The edTPA is tough. I spent more than two months—with help from instructors and cohort-mates—preparing my portfolio and myself for this rigorous process of teacher assessment. For weeks, I interpreted commentary prompts and wrote and rewrote my work.

What is task 1 of the edTPA?

What is the hardest task in edTPA?

Task 1 is often the most difficult and time-consuming component, and many teachers get overwhelmed. Allow time for it. Michelle assures us that if you take the time to complete Task 1 properly, Task 2 will be much easier and of higher quality.