How many kids does Yan Gomes have?

Gomes married Jenna Hammaker, daughter of former pitcher and All-Star Atlee Hammaker, in 2012. They have three children, a daughter born in 2014 and sons born in 2017 and 2021.

Who is Yan Gomes married to?

Jenna HammakerYan Gomes / Spouse (m. 2012)

Where is Atlee Hammaker now?

Knoxville, Tennessee
Personal life. Hammaker is married and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his wife. He is the father of five daughters.

How much does Yan Gomes make?

4.5 million USD (2017)Yan Gomes / Salary

Did Dave Dravecky have his arm amputated?

Dave Dravecky’s left arm was amputated Tuesday to stop the possible spread of cancer, according to a former teammate. Atlee Hammaker, one of the Dravecky’s best friends when the two pitched for the San Francisco Giants, said he spoke Tuesday with Dravecky’s father, who confirmed the amputation.

Why did Dave Dravecky lose his arm?

Crisis and comeback The following season, a cancerous desmoid tumor was found in Dravecky’s pitching arm. On October 7, 1988, he underwent surgery, which removed half of the deltoid muscle in his pitching arm and froze the humerus bone in an effort to eliminate all of the cancerous cells.

Is Yan Gomes a free agent?

The Cubs announced Wednesday they’ve signed catcher Yan Gomes to a two-year deal with a club option for 2024. The deal is worth $13 million, NBC Sports Chicago confirmed — $6 million in both 2022 and ’23, and a $6 million option or $1 million buyout for 2024.

What team is Yan Gomes on?

Chicago CubsYan Gomes / Current team (#7 / Catcher)

What does Dave Dravecky do now?

On November 13, 1989, Dravecky retired from baseball. Twenty-seven years later, Dravecky said he felt the amputation saved his life. He said he calls himself the “One-armed Bandit” and travels the country as a motivational and inspirational speaker. He and his wife live in a small town in Central California.

Where did Cubs get Gomes from?

Cubs signing Gomes raises Contreras question Gomes at least provides insurance as a capable starter should the Cubs decide to move Contreras this winter. Gomes, 35 next July, is a 10-year veteran who split last season with the Nationals and A’s after he was traded to Oakland at the deadline.

Does Yan Gomes have a brother?

Juan GomesYan Gomes / Brother

What is the meaning of Gomes?

Gomes is a common Portuguese and Old Galician surname. It derived from the given name Gomes, which derived from the Visigothic word guma, meaning “man”. Its Spanish equivalent is Gómez.

Where is Yan Gomes now?

What happened to Dave Dravecky?

A doctor examining Dravecky’s X-rays noticed a mass in his arm, which turned out to be malignant. Dravecky’s cancer had returned, ending his career. Eighteen days later, Dravecky retired from baseball with a 64–57 record with 558 strikeouts and a 3.13 earned run average in 1,062+2⁄3 innings.

Where did Dave Dravecky go to college?

Youngstown State University
Boardman High School
Dave Dravecky/Education

What does Gomes mean?

Is Gomez a Portuguese name?

Gómez is a common Spanish patronymic surname meaning “son of Gome”. The Portuguese and Old Galician version is Gomes, while the Catalan form is Gomis.

What ethnicity is Gomez?

The surname Gomez (also spelled Gomes, Gomis, or Gometz) has Spanish origins and is a patronymic form of the given name, Gome or Gomo, meaning “man.” Gomo is a pet form of Gomesano, composed of old Spanish elements meaning “man, path” plus the patronymic ending “-ez,” signifying “son of.” The English surname Gomme is …

What does Gomes mean in English?

Gomes is a common Portuguese and Old Galician surname. It derived from the given name Gomes, which derived from the Visigothic word guma, meaning “man”. Its Spanish equivalent is Gómez.