How many kg baggage allowed to Canada?

23 kg
The maximum weight per bag is 23 kg (50 lbs) and the total allowable dimensions are 158 cm (62 in). The Air Canada checked baggage allowance depends on the fare you have purchased and the route you are travelling on.

How heavy can my bag be Air NZ?

Your baggage allowance depends on your ticket, your destination and your Air New Zealand memberships. A standard item – usually a bag – weighs up to 23kg (50lb), and its length, width and height must add up to 158cm (62″) or less.

What happens if my luggage is over 23kg?

For hold luggage, most airlines set a weight limit for single items of luggage. Usually this is 23kg. If your hold luggage is over and you haven’t paid for extra, you might be charged.

Who is a skipper in Aviation industry?

Skippers Aviation observe and fulfil all responsibilities under the Act and regulations which apply to the Aviation industry and are dedicated to working alongside the company Safety Team to ensure all company policies and procedures are strictly adhered to.

What is the work of skipper in airport?

Handling passenger queries, cabin cleaning, catering, ticket sales, planning, monitoring and controlling airline flight operations are some of the responsibilities they perform. They are also responsible for complying with regulatory requirements and making each flight execution flawless and on-time.

Who is Skippers Aviation?

Founded in 1990, Skippers Aviation is an Australian airline offering charter services from Perth. The airline also has strong links to the mining industry in Western Australia and operates over 100 flights a week for multiple mining companies throughout the country.

Is Skippers Aviation liable for loss or damage?

Skippers Aviation is not liable for loss or damage resulting from inherent defect, quality or service of goods carried. For safety reasons, the following types of restricted articles are examples which must not be carried in your baggage or about your person.

What should I look for when travelling with Skippers Aviation?

All baggage should be locked, items of value – such as money, jewellery, precious metal, negotiable papers, securities, business documents or the like – should only be carried on your person or in cabin baggage under your care. Skippers Aviation is not liable for loss or damage resulting from inherent defect, quality or service of goods carried.

How many surfboards can I pack for a skippers flight?

When packing surfboards for a Skippers flight please ensure that no more than 2 surfboards are included in any one pack, and that the pack does not exceed the limit of 32kg. Each customer occupying a paid seat is entitled to the following free baggage allowances.