How many branches does JAIZ Bank have?

The Bank operates 27 branches and provides regular ATM service as well as online, mobile, and SMS banking services….Jaiz Bank.

The Branch of Ja’iz Bank In Kaduna State
Type Private
Revenue Aftertax:US$26.56 million (NGN:8.01 billion) (2018)

Who is the owner of JAIZ bank in Nigeria?

Board of Directors

Umaru Abdul Mutallab Chairman Incar Nigeria Plc, Kano Electricity Distribution Plc, Jaiz Bank PLC
Hassan Usman CEO, Managing Director & Director Jaiz Bank PLC
Abubakar Mahe Director & Deputy Managing Director Jaiz Bank PLC

What is the full meaning of JAIZ?

Acronym. Definition. JAIZ. Junge Augsburger Internet Zeitung (German: Young Augsburger Internet Newspaper)

Which country owns JAIZ bank?

Jaiz Bank was founded in 2003. Its name them was Jaiz International Plc. The bank received its license of operation from the Central Bank of Nigeria on the 11th of November, 2011. It, therefore, started operating as a regional bank from that year.

How many branches of Jaiz Bank are there?

The bank has grown in leaps and bounds since it started operation. As at today, number of branches has increased to 14. One of the latest branches opened by the bank is the Jaiz Bank branch located at Kano Kabuga branch.

Who is the current Managing Director of Jaiz Bank?

He was appointed as the Managing Director of Jaiz Bank Plc by the Board of Director effective 1st June 2016. AbdulFattah Amoo is a shrewd professional banker, astute strategic planner and executor.

What is the capital of Jaiz Bank?

In 2013, Jaiz Bank was in the process of expanding to urban centers in all states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In pursuit of that goal, the bank had received approval to increase shareholders’ capital from the then current value, to US$92.3 million (NGN:14.3 billion).

Why Jaiz Bank for term deposit?

At Jaiz Bank, building your wealth ethically is always a priority. JAPSA Term deposit is an innovative product designed specially to meet your investment needs. This product is tailored to corporate and high net worth individuals (HNI) that need high returns with commensurate risk on their investment.