How is the road from Swat to Malam Jabba?

The road is broken at several points once we take a turn from Mingalwar towards Jahanabad and then to Malam Jabba, the road was carpeted in past but now due to snow, rain, in a very poor condition. You can drive in your own car but you’d need to drive carefully.

Where is Malam Jabba located?

Swat Valley
Malam Jabba (also Maalam Jabba, Urdu: مالم جبہ) is a Hill Station and ski resort in the Hindu Kush mountain range nearly 40 km from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is 314 km from Islamabad and 51 km from Saidu Sharif Airport.

How long is Malam Jabba chair lift?

1.5 km
The length of the Malam Jabba Chair Lift is 1.5 km. The Ticket Price of Malam Jabba Chair Lift is Rs. 800 per head.

How long does it take from Swat to Malam Jabba?

Origin Malam Jabba, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Destination Swat, Kabal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Driving Distance 53 kms or 32.9 miles or 28.6 nautical miles
Driving Time 1 hours, 3 minutes

Can cars enter Kalam?

Beyond Kalam to Ushu, Mahodand lake, one’d need 4×4 vehicle. Behrain to Kalam, road also not good. Car can go but why take your car about 10-20 Lac in bad road.

Which game is belong to Malam Jabba?

The Ice Hockey Rink, Skidoo Rides and Ice Curling at Malam Jabba Resort. If you are a true winter sports lover, then you wouldn’t want to miss a game of ice hockey on the newly-established ice hockey rink at Malam Jabba Resort. It is a major tourist attraction in Pakistan.

Which game is connected with Malam Jabba?

Malam Jabba is the only ski resort in Pakistan with an altitude of approximately 8,500 feet. In addition to skiing, alpine skiing and skating competitions for children under 15 years of age, curling, snow tubes and more are also part of the party.

What is special in Malam Jabba?

Malam Jabba is an incredible hill station in Swat, Pakistan. This place is famous for its breath-taking natural beauty, crystal-like streams, lush pine forests, ski resort, and a lot of other attractions.

How can I reach Swat from Karachi?

There is no direct connection from Karachi to Swat. However, you can take the bus to Airport, take the walk to Karachi airport, fly to Chitral, then take the taxi to Swat. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Airport, take the walk to Karachi airport, fly to Peshawar, then take the taxi to Swat.

Why is Malam Jabba famous?

Apart from natural beauty, Malam Jabba is home to the longest ski resort in Pakistan. This place is also the core of winter sports festivals in Pakistan. The unique holiday hill station is also very famous for trekking, hiking, backpacking, camping, as well as family holidays.

How is the road to Kumrat Valley?

The easiest route to reach Kumrat Valley is through Timargarha. 8 km short of Dir, a road leads to the right for Kumrat. Road up to Sheringal is quite good but from there on, it will be one of the worst roads that you would be traveling on…. up till Thal which is the main market place of Kumrat.

Can a car go to Kumrat?

If you have your own car, bike then you will not have problem changing vehicles again and again. A 70cc or Car can even reach till Kumrat (2wd vehicle till Thal). For those who want to visit in Public transport, they must go to Mardan and sit in Timergara vehicle (Hiace/Coaster).

How can I go from Swat to Kalam?

The easiest way to get to Kalam by road is to take the N95 route (also known as Kalam Road) from Mingora in Swat. The N95 road along the bank of Swat River will take you Kalam passing through Manglor, Charbagh, Khwazakhela, Madyan, Bahrain to your final destination Kalam Valley.

How much is the ticket from Swat to Karachi?

The current standard fare for Karachi to Swat is 4000/- per seat.

How many railway stations are in Pakistan?

The Pakistan Railways (PR) network is comprised of 7, 791 route kilometers; 7, 346km of broad gauge, and 445 km of metre gauge. There are 633 stations in the network, 1,043km of double-track sections (in total) and 285 km of electrified sections.

Can we go to Kumrat on car?

Can car go to Kumrat Valley?

What is the best time to visit Kumrat?

Kumrat Valley Weather The climate is pleasant in summer-like 20C but very cold in winter because of heavy snowfall of about 3 to 11 feet and the temperature falls almost -4 to -10 C. The best time to visit the place is in spring and summer.

Is there electricity in Kumrat?

ELECTRICITY AND CHARGING FACILITY There is no proper electricity at in Kumrat Valley. People have installed Solar panels at their huts which are only sufficient for LED bulbs for lighting however do not expect that you would be able to charge your mobiles or Drone batteries.

Does Faisal movers go to Swat?

Faisal Movers now operates in all major cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Quetta, Swat, Hunza, Murree and many others. A feature that differentiates Faisal Movers from other bus services is the multiple services such as Standard, Executive and Business Services.

What is the distance between Swat and Karachi?

The distance between Karachi and Swat is 1270 km. The road distance is 1710.5 km.