How does Cirrus md work?

CirrusMD is a different kind of telemedicine company. In less than 60 seconds, Target team members can connect with a board-certified physician using our text-based service, then conduct a healthcare consultation at their pace and convenience. No appointments required.

What is Galileo health?

Galileo is a team-based medical practice offering full-spectrum care, plus much more. Working seamlessly with your insurance and existing doctors, we bring quality care directly to your neighborhood and home. Ultimately, we help you and your family better manage health-related issues that are important to you.

How much does CirrusMD cost?

CirrusMD is a text-based virtual care platform that lets you connect to a real doctor in seconds. It’s available 24/7 and at no extra cost.

When was CirrusMD founded?

Since co-founding CirrusMD in 2012, Andy has grown the business into healthcare’s leading text-first virtual care platform.

Are HealthTap doctors real?

HealthTap does not allow customers to choose a specific physician themselves. Providers in the HealthTap Doctor Network must be a qualified physician, dentist, clinical psychologist, or pharmacologist with an active U.S. medical license and an NPI number in good standing.

Who owns Galileo health?

Tom Lee
Our first guest is Tom Lee, Founder of Galileo, One Medical and Epocrates. Tom is currently the CEO and founder of Galileo, a modern medical group committed to making quality health care affordable and accessible to all.

How do I cancel my subscription to Galileo?

You may cancel your Subscription by going to the My Membership tab in the Account Settings section of your Profile in the app.

What is NurseFly?

NurseFly, the healthcare jobs marketplace owned by IAC, has rebranded to Vivian Health as it expands its range of services. Originally launched for traveling nurses (or nurses willing to travel for short-term positions), Vivian Health now includes listings for permanent positions, per diem shifts and local openings.

How do I get started with telemedicine?

10 Tips for Getting Started with Telemedicine

  1. Choose the right telemedicine solution for your practice.
  2. Get all your staff on the same page.
  3. Get your equipment set-up.
  4. Get trained on the technology.
  5. Read up on telemedicine policy in your state.
  6. Decide on your billing policy.
  7. Create your telemedicine program workflows.

What does Galileo financial technologies do?

About Galileo Galileo, the API standard for card issuing, virtual card solutions and digital banking, is a global payments processing platform that powers world-leading fintechs, challenger banks, neobanks, financial services and investment firms by removing the complexity from payments.

What is Galileo app?

Galileo is the online doctor you’ve been searching for—available nationwide. Get 24/7 health care on your phone anytime and anywhere you need it, no appointment or insurance necessary. Text with real doctors about your symptoms and get care for almost any health issue, from the mundane to the mysterious.

Is NurseFly Now Vivian?