How do you make Guyanese sugar cake?

In a sauce pot, add sugar and water, bring to a medium boil until it becomes a thick syrup and caramel in color. Add ginger, vanilla and grated coconut, stir well cooking on low heat. Continue to cook until it bubbles and thickens. Line a flat baking sheet with wax paper,drop spoonfuls of hot mixture to form a mound.

How to make mithai sugar?

Combine sugar, water, and vanilla, if using. Boil on low for about 35 minutes, or longer depending on your stove. Test sugar in water to see if it has reached the “soft ball” stage.

How do you make Guyanese custard ice blocks?

Custard Block: A Guyanese Frozen Treat

  1. two 12oz cans of evaporated milk.
  2. 3 tbsp custard powder.
  3. 3 tbsp + 1 tsp white sugar.
  4. ¼ tsp cinnamon.
  5. ¼ tsp nutmeg.
  6. ¼ tsp almond essence.
  7. 1 tsp vanilla.

What is Guyana special dish?

Pepperpot Pepperpot is the national dish of Guyana and celebrates the contribution of the nation’s first people. It is a slow-cooked meat stew using beef, but some versions use mutton, pork or chicken.

How long does sugar cake take to dry?

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Using a tablespoon, place a heaping tablespoon for each cake, flattening it a little with wet hands to form each cake. Leave to let is set and firm up for about ½ hour.

Where is sugar cake from?

CaribbeanSugar cake / Place of origin

How do you make fudge Guyanese style milk?


  1. Combine evaporated milk, condensed milk, brown sugar and water in a large saucepan and mix together until all the sugar has melted.
  2. Place on medium heat and bring to a slow boil.
  3. Do not stir before the mixture boils.
  4. Stir continuously in a figure 8 going around the sides and down the middle.

How do you make Guyanese milk icicle?


  1. In a pot heat the 1 can evaporated milk and 1 can water.
  2. Dilute the custard powder in water, add sugar and the essence.
  3. Mix well and add to the water and milk mixture on stove.
  4. Mix well and bring to a boil.
  5. As soon as it comes to a boil remove from stove and let cool.

What do bakers spray on cakes?

Simple syrup
Simple syrup is a great all-purpose glaze for cakes and fruitcakes, adding moisture and a bit of sweetness. It’s also a key element in certain mixed drinks.

What are the raw materials for sugar cake?

Sugar cakes are confections made with grated coconut, sugar, and food coloring.

How do you make Guyanese Brown fudge?

What is Pera made of?

Peda (pronounced [ˈpeːɽa]) or Pera is a sweet dish hailing from the Indian subcontinent. It originated from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. Usually prepared in thick, semi-soft pieces, its main ingredients are khoa, sugar and traditional flavorings including cardamom seeds, pistachio nuts and saffron.

How do you make a custard block in Guyana?

What is Guyanese Food like?

Guyanese cuisine isn’t just about the entrees and sides, either. The black cake and tamarind balls are just as mouthwatering as the beef patties and tennis rolls. So if you’re not familiar with Guyanese food, now’s the perfect time to introduce your tastebuds to something new and amazing.

What is Guyanese fruit cake?

Unlike the thick, heavy fruit cake found in most other places, Guyanese fruit cake is a moist, light, fluffy, tasty cake full of little bits of soaked fruit to bite into. Some people finish theirs off by pouring over some alcohol and leaving it to soak in.

What is Guyanese cook-up rice?

The Guyanese cook-up rice is a one-pot mix of rice cooked in coconut milk and mixed with peas, meats, and beans. It’s a feast for the senses! It’s perfect for special occasions, but also easy enough to make on weekends. 2. Guyanese Pepperpot

What is Guyanese Peera?

Guyanese peera is made from evaporated milk and sugar that is boiled down to a taffy-like consistency. The secret to getting the best consistency is turning the mixture so that it doesn’t burn.