How do you make a security breach for pizza?

Players will need to make a pizza for Chica in FNAF: Security Breach in order to get past her when she corners Gregory in a security office. Players will need to make a pizza for Glamrock Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach in order to distract her and escape.

Where is the oven in FNAF security breach?

It’s in the middle of the kitchen a little to your left. Walk over to it and add the not meat. Finally, you need to cook the pizza in the oven.

How do you shatter Chica?

To decommission Chica, the player must find a Monty Mystery Mix box (found at Bonnie Bowl) and place it inside the compactor, triggering Chica to enter it, and activate the trash compactor in the Kitchen, which will lead Glamrock Chica to get shattered underneath it.

How do you get a bonnie Bowl pass?

After getting the Security Level 5 Badge, turn right. You should see a gift box containing the Bowling ticket, which is needed for Bonnie Bowl. And that should finish the Office to Office mission.

How do I find my decommission Chica?

FNAF Security Breach: How to Decommission Chica

  1. Obtain the Bowling Pass. The first step toward decommissioning Chica is to obtain the Bowling Pass from the Fazer Blast office.
  2. Obtain Monty’s Mystery Mix.
  3. Put Monty’s Mystery Mix in Trash Compactor.
  4. Turn on the Trash Compactor.

How do you get Chicas beak?

Chica Boss Fight. After the cutscene ends, you’ll find yourself deep in the sewers, with the remains of Chica sitting in a pile in front of you. Walk up to the animatronic and take her beak, before pressing on and logging your progress at the save point ahead.

How do you beat Fazer blast?

To defeat Fazer Blast, you’ll need to capture three flags scattered around the neon maze. The first flag can be found in the green section to your right when first entering the arena, the second can be found in the purple section on the top floor and the final one is located in the red section on the bottom floor.

How do you dismiss a chica?

Why can toy Chica take her beak off?

From what I know, her beak is too small and so she can’t open her mouth wide, so she takes off her beak. It’s unknown where she places her beak, though.

Does the Fazer Blaster work on Vanny?

The Fazerblaster can be used like an unlimited Flashlight when exploring darker areas but has a slight dimmer light. There are other enemies that cannot be stunned with the Fazerblaster: Vanny, Lil’ Music Man, DJ Music Man, Moon and Roxanne when she is in her damaged state due to her lack of eyes.

How do you call Freddy in security breach?

Below are the controls for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach on PC….PC Controls.

Action Button
Sprint SHIFT
Fazwatch TAB
Call Freddy Q