How do you make a easy Chevron friendship bracelet?


  1. Cut Your String and Tie a Loop. Cut two 6-ft pieces of each color.
  2. Begin Knotting Your Bracelet.
  3. Continue Knotting the Bracelet With a Backward Knot.
  4. Continue Forwards and Backwards Knots.
  5. Repeat Steps Two Through Four to Continue Your Bracelet.
  6. Braid the Last Several Inches of Thread.

How many strings can you use for Chevron bracelet?

Prepare the embroidery floss. You’ll need at least six strands of string (two strands of three colors), but you can use any even number of strands. The more strings you use, the more complex your color arrangements will be and the wider the width of your bracelet.

How many strands do you need for a Chevron friendship bracelet?

Step 3: Decide on Colors and Cut Your Floss/yarn You will need at least eight strands of floss/yarn for a chevron bracelet.

How long should a Chevron bracelet be?

Cut 72″ lengths of each of the four colors. Fold the strings in half so that you have 8 36″ lengths – 2 of each color. Tie an overhand knot on the folded end. Secure the strings with a safety pin, under a clipboard, or with masking tape.

How to start a friendship bracelet?

Don’t attract customers with something boring like a lemonade stand. You want something unique and original.

  • Buy the supplies needed to start a new sensation!
  • In a notebook,write a list of names you want to call your store.
  • Watch some YouTube videos on ‘How to Make Friendship Bracelets’.
  • How to make simple friendship bracelets?

    Instructions for Friendship Bracelets . Basic Bracelet . Step 1. Six strands of embroidery floss, tied in a knot at the top with the strands hanging down. The strands will need to be three different colors or distinct shades, in groups of two (ie. Two green, then two white, then two blue). Step 2.

    How to make friendship bracelets with names on them?

    To make a row,take your background color (light green) and make a forward knot with the string to the right of it.

  • After you make a forward knot on that string,put it in the slot to the left of its original slot.
  • Proceed to make forward knots on the rest of the strings.
  • Once you get to the last string,you’ve made a row.
  • How to make a candy stripe friendship bracelet?

    Start with the string on the left. Make a forward knot as the picture shows,and tighten it.

  • If you’ve done it right,it will look like this.
  • Continue to make forward knots with the same string on the next string in line.
  • Now you take the string out on the left again,and do the exact same thing as in steps 1 to 3.
  • After two rows it looks like this.