How do you get a special license plate in Virginia?

You can review DMV’s special plates or purchase now. To purchase your new plates by mail or by visiting a customer service center, complete a License Plate Application, VSA-10.

What are the different types of Virginia license plates?

Standard Passenger Plates

  • Updated Passenger (For Lovers) TWM-4695. Seen in Arlington Co.
  • Original Passenger. WJZ-9205. Backwards issue from ZZZ-9999.
  • Passenger (Jamestown) KNP-9975.
  • Antique (black/white) 816VQ.
  • Antique (blue/yellow) 6285DY.
  • Clean Special Fuel. CT5837.
  • Dealer. 142-275DDEALER.
  • Disabled. ˆ169H.

Does Virginia have black license plates?

A license plate that celebrates Black history is set to be approved by Virginia’s General Assembly, adding the plate to the list of options drivers have. The license plate commemorates a Black-owned and -operated Richmond newspaper launched in 1882 by 13 former slaves.

Can you get black license plates in Virginia?

Can I put my license plate in my front window in Virginia?

In Virginia it is the law to have a FRONT license plate. Now supposedly according to the law, a plate needs to in the front and rear of the vehicle: § 46.2-715.

Is it illegal to drive without a front bumper in Virginia?

Bumpers are not on the list and are not regulated under chapter 10. However, under Va. Code 46.2-715 you must have a license plate attached to the front and rear of your vehicle so if you do not have a front bumper you must still have a front license plate attached to the front of the vehicle.

Is it illegal to wrap your license plate in Virginia?

This is a reminder that Virginia law states that all information must be clearly visible on mounted license plates. License plate frames, such as those with dealership information, cannot obscure or cover any portion of the license plate.

Are plate covers illegal in VA?

Are license plate covers legal in Virginia? Yes—as long as the covering does not obscure any of the information on the license plate and is clearly visible. Virginia does not allow any colored or tinted license plate covers. If you have a clear cover, it is legal as long as your plate is legible.