How do you decorate for a Scandinavian Christmas?

5 Secrets to Oh-So-Chic Scandinavian Christmas Decor

  1. Stick to a Neutral Color Palette of White and Silver.
  2. Ground Your Look with Hide Material.
  3. Use Natural Greenery with Minimal Ornaments.
  4. Incorporate Warm Wools and Fur.
  5. Recreate the Northern Lights with Cozy Candles.

What decorations do they use in Scandinavia?

In addition to straw wreaths and straw goats, many Swedes decorate their trees with straw ornaments. The traditional ornaments come in a variety of traditional shapes including several varieties of stars, angels, pine cones, and – of course – goats. The golden straw is bound with red string and red accents.

What is Scandi Christmas?

A Scandi Christmas If you like Christmas on the calm and cosy side, delve into our Scandi-inspired edit – brimming with eco-friendly tree decorations and timeless ornaments for a more natural noël. Create new traditions with reusable crackers and make-your-own baubles.

How do you decorate indoors for Christmas?

Decorate your mantle with greenery, then add ribbons and ornaments for a pop of color. Match your garland accessories to wall art and decor throughout the space rather than using the classic Christmas colors for an understated yet festive look. “More is more,” says Matthew Bees, decorator behind this eclectic room.

What is Nordic Christmas tree?

A traditional Scandinavian Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments, candle holders, and strings of light utilizing a color theme and integrating gold and or silver. Wood, straw and felt ornaments are most often used. Scandinavian Christmas trees are lightly decorated with or without lights!

Why do people from Norway hide their brooms on Christmas Eve?

Norwegians have a pagan belief according to which evil and naughty witches come out on Christmas Eve and ride on brooms. So they hide all the brooms in the household at the safest possible place to keep the wizards from flying about.

How does Norway decorate for Christmas?

Before Christmas we decorate the house with wreaths, angels, gnomes, hearts, stars, and maybe a nativity scene or a gingerbread house. More and more people also decorate their houses on the outside with lights and wreaths. Most families have a Christmas tree in the living room.

How do you decorate a Norwegian Christmas tree?

As a reminder, you will find below a quick summary guide to easily decorate your Christmas tree with a Scandinavian style:

  1. Natural tree.
  2. Simple ornaments.
  3. Choose soft colors.
  4. Add soft lights.
  5. Decorate around the tree.
  6. Simplicity is the key.
  7. Favors natural materials.
  8. Add evergreen plants.

How do people celebrate Nordic Christmas?

On Christmas Eve, or Julafton, Swedes celebrating Christmas attend church services. They return home to a traditional family dinner including a buffet dinner (smörgåsbord) with ham, pork, or fish, and a variety of sweets. After the festive Christmas Eve dinner, someone dresses up as Tomte.

How do Scandinavians celebrate Christmas?

What decorations does Norway use for Christmas?

Decorating for Christmas Before Christmas we decorate the house with wreaths, angels, gnomes, hearts, stars, and maybe a nativity scene or a gingerbread house. More and more people also decorate their houses on the outside with lights and wreaths. Most families have a Christmas tree in the living room.

What are some fun facts about Christmas in Norway?

Most of the Norwegians eats RIBBE (pig), PINNEKJØTT (lamb) or LUTEFISK (fish) at the Christmas Eve. In days after Christmas Eve it´s a tradition that children dress up in crazy costumes and walk in the neighborhood and sings Christmas songs. In return, they get candy. The Norwegian word for Santa Claus is JULENISSE.

What are Norwegian Christmas traditions?

Despite Christmas day being the time when most other countries have their main celebrations, Norwegians choose to celebrate on Christmas Eve instead, which is known as “Julaften.” This is when families get together and eat a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal, which is usually followed by holding hands and dancing …

What is the traditional Norwegian Christmas tree decoration called?

There are also hobgoblins (Nisse) decorations. Children pick up the presents from under the Christmas Tree and read the cards on the presents out loud. During Advent/December in Norway, sometimes small gifts are given on each day of December leading up to Christmas. These are known as Adventsgave or Kalendergave.

What do people wear on Christmas in Norway?

Location and Geography. Norway is situated on the western side of the Scandinavian peninsula,which it shares with its eastern neighbor,Sweden.

  • Demography. In January 2000,the total population was 4,478,497.
  • Linguistic Affiliation.
  • Symbolism.
  • What are some Christmas traditions in Norway?

    Advent Calendars – Adventskalender. As mentioned,we care about the time leading up to Christmas.

  • Cinderella on TV – ‘Tre Nøtter til Askepott’. Amongst all the great Norwegian holiday traditions,this has to be my favourite.
  • Halloween meets caroling – Julebukk.
  • Aquavit – Akevitt.
  • Christmas “Elfs” living in barns – Nisse på Låven.
  • How do people in Norway decorate for Christmas?

    • Norwegian Christmas Decorations: In Norway, many families decorate their homes for Christmas. Norwegians might hang a julenek: (pronounced YUH-le-neck), a stalk of oats tied to a branch or pole on Christmas Eve as a symbol of hope for good farming, and now in cities as a symbol of Christmas.

    What countries say Merry Christmas in Norwegian?

    Merry Christmas in Norwegian sounds like gou-yuul – quite similar to how they say it in Danish and Swedish but with a very slight difference in the accent. They’re all Scandianvian countries and languages, after all. But back to “God Jul” (Merry Christmas!), don’t be anxious about it.