How do Timbren bump stops work?

The timbren springs come into contact with your axle once a load is applied, preventing the vehicle from sagging and reducing sway. The springs are progressive, meaning that they provide more help, as the load progressively increases – as a result, they will not impact your factory ride when unloaded.

What do suspension bump stops do?

What Is A Bump Stop? Every type of suspension system on nearly all vehicles built includes some sort of bump stop. These simple devices are used to protect the vehicle when the suspension reaches full compression when encountering a bump or dip in the road surface.

What does Timbren suspension do?

Timbren SES upgrades eliminate roll and sway, improve steering and promote a safe-driving environment. SES kits are designed to keep the vehicle level at all times and prevent roll and sway. The Aeon® rubber springs found in a Timbren SES kit have a progressive spring rate.

How tall are Timbren bump stops?

3,500 lb capacity. 9,500 lb bump load capacity. Overall kit height = 3.5” Total deflected (compressed) height = 1.75”

How long do Timbrens last?

Timbren’s Aeon springs will neither rust nor will they leak. Indeed, many of Timbren’s Aeon springs are still going strong after 30 years of service. In fact, all SES kits come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your truck. The number of Aeon springs found in each kit varies.

How much space should be between Timbren and axle?

between ½” and 1 ½”
While unloaded, the gap between rubber spring and axle should be somewhere between ½” and 1 ½” . 3″ of clearance ensures that the rubber spring won’t interfere with the natural vibration of the suspension. Unfortunately, the frame will drop 3” before the rubber spring engages with the axle.

How long do bump stops last?

Rigid bump stops don’t last forever, depending on use, they may need replacing even after one hard run. If you’re not bottoming out much Rigid bump stops can last a few years. While rigid bump stops are built to be tough and long-lasting, they’ll eventually degrade with repeated use.

Do Timbren springs work?

Timbrens incorporate AEON hollow rubber springs, which aid your existing leaf springs in the handling of rough road conditions. These rubber springs are reliable and quite effective as part of the improved performance of your vehicle suspension. They have been proving themselves for over 30 years with our customers.

Which is better SumoSprings or Timbren?

Both materials are very durable and will provide load support for many years but because of the different densities they are better suited for different usages. Timbren SES is a great choice for a heavy hauler that desires a maintenance free suspension upgrade.

Are Timbrens any good?

this is an excellent product. made hauling my 5th wheel very much better but makes no difference to the ride when empty. had air bags before but I like this product better. after you install the timbrens, which was easy, there is nothing to worry about, just hook-up and go.

Are Timbren SES worth it?

One of the biggest benefits that we’ve been able to derive from the Timbren SES is a smoother, better ride off-road. We no longer bottom out when hitting surprise bumps and holes and that alone is worth the investment in that it protects my rig from damaging shocks and vibrations.

Can you cut SumoSprings?

According to the folks in the engineering department at SuperSprings, the manufacturer of SumoSprings it is acceptable to cut down the SumoSprings if necessary, but be aware that doing so will void the product warranty. SuperSprings recommends cutting as little as possible off the springs.

When should you replace bump stops?

Because rigid bump stops wear out with repeated use, you should plan to replace them if you notice signs of damage and or hard and or noisy bottom outs.

Can you reuse shock bushings?

If your reducers fit tightly in your DU bushings and remain round after removal, they can be reused.