How do I unlock my iPhone 6 if I forgot my password without restoring it?

To unlock an iPhone without restore via AnyUnlock:

  1. Choose Unlock Screen Passcode.
  2. Download iOS Firmware.
  3. Tap on Unlock Now to Remove Screen Passcode.
  4. Screen Passcode Removed Successfully.
  5. Sign in iCloud Account and Choose Find iPhone.
  6. Select the iPhone without Passcode.
  7. Choose Erase iPhone.
  8. Remove Screen Lock Passcode.

How do you unlock an iPhone 6 Without the passcode or the ID?

Here are four methods for how to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID 2022, just continue reading.

  1. Restore Your iPhone with iTunes.
  2. Unlock Your Phone with iCloud Find My iPhone.
  3. Unlock iPhone with Siri.
  4. Unlock an iPhone without Data Loss.

How do I find my 6 digit iPhone passcode?

Answer: A: If you can’t remember your Passcode, you’ll need to erase your iPhone, which deletes your data and settings, including the passcode. If you backed up your iPhone, you can restore your data and settings after restoring your iPhone.

What is the default passcode for iPhone 6?

Answer: A: There is no “default” passcode.

What is the original passcode for iPhone?

No, there is no default passcode on the iPhone. It is setup by the user.

How to bypass passcode on iPhone 6?

If you have backed up iPhone with iTunes a few days ago, you can bypass iPhone 6 passcode through the recovery mode. Step 1 Plug iPhone 6 into the computer with a lightning USB cable. Then open iTunes. Step 2 Hold and press the Power and Home button on iPhone 6 simultaneously. Keep pressing until the Connect to iTunes icon appears.

How to put iPhone in recovery mode without password?

For iPhone 8 and later iOS devices, quickly hold and press the Volume Up and then Volume Down button. Later, hold and press the Top button until the recovery mode screen appears. (To bypass iPhone 7 passcode, you need to press the Top and Volume Down buttons at the same time to put iPhone into the recovery mode instead.)

How to unlock a forgotten passcode on iPhone?

1 Launch FoneLab iOS Unlocker after the installation. Choose Wipe Passcode to bypass passcode from iPhone. 2 Click Start in the Wipe Passcode screen. Connect the iPhone to your computer with a lightning USB cable. 3 Check the detected iPhone information. 4 Click Unlock to make your passcode forgotten iPhone unlocked.

What lock do you want to bypass on your iPhone?

Make Sure What Lock You Want to Bypass 1. iPhone Screen Lock: this is what we will discuss in the article. Generally, it is the 4 or 6 digit code you set for your iPhone. The passcode will be needed when you or other people want to open your iPhone. 2. iCloud Lock: It is the passcode for your iCloud account.