How do I reset my LG Ice Maker?

How to Reset LG Ice Maker

  1. First locate the on/off switch of your refrigerator. It usually is on the left side of the unit.
  2. Press the ice on the icon and run a cycle.
  3. Replace the bin and turn off the breaker for 30 seconds.
  4. Turn the unit back on and let it sit for 6-8 hours before it starts to produce ice.

What are the codes for LG refrigerator?

While they may vary from one model to another, the main codes are the following:

  • Er FS: Freezer sensor error.
  • Er rS: Refrigerator sensor error.
  • F dS: Problem with the freezer defrost sensor.
  • r dS: Problem with the refrigerator defrost sensor.
  • Er HS: Problem with the humidity sensor.
  • Er IS: Problem with the ice maker sensor.

Why is my LG freezer not freezing or making ice?

When your LG freezer fails to freeze, start by checking that the set temperature is low enough. You should set it to 0 degrees Fahrenheit at a minimum. If it still won’t freeze after 24 hours, clean the condenser coils, then troubleshoot the thermistor and evaporator fan motor.

Why is my LG refrigerator not cooling or freezing?

Make sure the cooling vents are clear and free from any obstructions. Poor circulation can prevent proper cooling of your LG refrigerator. If you see any obstructions, re-organize the items to ensure good airflow. Check that the doors and drawers of the refrigerator are closing properly.

How do I fix my LG refrigerator and freezer not cooling?

Try unplugging the unit or trip the circuit breaker for 30 seconds to RESET THE REFRIGERATOR. You should hear the compressor kick back on and the unit will stabilize and start cooling within 24 hours. If not, then there is a power supply problem and the unit will require a repair service.

How do you reset the ice maker on an LG Side by side refrigerator?

To reset the ice maker, make sure that:

  1. The water supply is turned ON, and no kinks should be in the lines.
  2. Press and hold the TEST/FILL button until the ice maker starts to turn/cycle.

Why is my fridge not making ice?

If your ice maker isn’t producing ice at all or is producing crescents or cubes that are smaller than usual, it’s typically indicative of a clog somewhere along the supply line. Cause: A common cause for a clog is frozen water in the line. Fix: To repair a frozen line, slide the refrigerator and unplug it.

How much does an LG refrigerator cost?

High-end LG fridges often have fingerprint-proof finishes, so the door resists fingerprints and other smudges, allowing you to easily wipe them away. LG refrigerators range in price based on type, capacity, and special features. The most affordable LG refrigerators are top freezer models. They usually range from $628 to $1,500.

What is the smart ice maker on LG refrigerator?

Smart Cooling sensors and vents, and Door Cooling+ which blasts cool air to help produce stay crisp. LG’s exclusive Dual Ice Maker with Craft Ice™ gives you 3 ways to enjoy upscale drinks at home: it automatically makes slow-melting Craft Ice™ along with crushed or cubed.

What is a counter-depth lg refrigerator?

A counter-depth LG refrigerator sits flush with the countertop and cabinets for a built-in look. LG offers several different types of refrigerators, so you should be able to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

What are the advantages of LG refrigerators?

Leading capacity. Innovative performance. Impressive entertaining features. Experience LG refrigerators with InstaView® and Door-in-Door® design. The Most Storage. Period. LG refrigerators offer the largest capacity on the market. Store more whether you choose French Door, Top Freezer or Bottom Freezer.