How do I install Project Reality on Battlefield 2?

Download Simply download the Download Assistant from our PR:BF2 Download Section and follow the instructions in the application. To download simply through your browser choose one the ModDB or direct HTTP mirror downloads (everything outside of Torrent and Download Assistant). You only need to use one link.

Is Project Reality safe to download?

No it does not contain a virus. Make sure you download it from the official download page.

Is Project Reality still active?

The original version, Project Reality: BF2, was released in 2005 for Battlefield 2, it is still being updated on a regular basis and became a stand-alone game in 2015.

How do I download Project Reality?

Downloads | Project Reality. Project Reality can be installed with our official installer. To download the installer you can either use the official torrent, the PR Download Assistant Tool(Uses Torrent protocol as well) or one of the direct download HTTPS mirrors.

Do you need a mic to play Project Reality?

While you can still play PR without a microphone, most servers require you to have one otherwise you will be kicked. Microphones, or headphones are available pretty much anywhere now and you can find them very cheap.

How realistic is Project Reality in BF2?

Everything from weapon ballistics,heavy armour movement,soldier sprint speeds,animation to aircraft missile systems is made to behave as realistic as possible in Project Reality while at the same time remain fun and engaging to the player. BF2’s VOIP doesn’t fit PR needs so we have our own integrated PR Mumble.

What is the Battlefield 2 Project Reality map pack?

It includes custom maps from vanilla Battlefield 2 that have been totally revamped with PR content and 1 retired Project Reality map. This is an official map pack so servers will be allowed to host these maps without a password.

Do I need Battlefield 2 to play PR BF2?

Since EA and DICE no longer support Battlefield 2 and is no longer being played online, the Project Reality team made PR:BF2 a standalone game. No longer is a installation of Battlefield 2 required and we have implemented our own online account system for online play.

Can I download Project Reality from torrents?

It is highly recommended that you download all Project Reality modifications direct though the torrents to avoid corrupt downloads. But make sure this isn’t blocked by your Internet Service Provider cause in that case you should use the Google Drive HTTPS downloads.