How do I get to Governors Island from NYC?

The Governors Island ferry departs from the Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan. Access to Governors Island is by ferry only. If you are traveling to the Lower Manhattan ferry by cab or livery service, ask to be taken to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Most drivers know that location.

Can I take my boat to Governors Island?

Getting to Governors Island Governors Island is open to the public year-round and is currently accessible by ferries from Manhattan and Brooklyn operated by the Trust for Governors Island, and via NYC Ferry on the South Brooklyn route.

How long is the ferry ride to Governors Island?

It’s only a 10-minute ferry ride from either Manhattan or Brooklyn, but factor in your travel time to the ferry ports. How much are tickets for the Governors Island ferry? Roundtrip fares are $3 for adults, free for seniors, and free for children under 12.

How long is the ferry ride from Manhattan to Governors Island?

Are there ticks on Governors Island?

Governors Island is well frequented when open to the public and a safe place to bird. On days when the island is crowded, take care while walking on pathways shared with cyclists. (Vehicle traffic is limited to island staff vehicles.) Ticks are not generally a problem but are sometimes found in the Hammock Grove.

Can you see Statue of Liberty from Governors Island?

From Governors Island, you can see the skyline of Manhattan, New Jersey, the Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge and even the Statue of Liberty.

Should I flush ticks?

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