How do I get an SRV tone?

Typically, Stevie Ray Vaughan used his Tube Screamer as a boost. He set the drive around 3 or 4 and then cranked the volume up to 8 or 9. If you are using either the TS808 or the TS9 and you want to recreate Vaughan’s tones, I would recommend doing the same.

Does Fender tone work with Mustang 3?

Will Fender Tone® work with my Mustang V2, Mustang, G-Dec 3, Bronco 40 or Passport Mini amp? Fender Tone® is not backwards compatible with these products at this time.

What is FTSW on Fender Mustang amp?

The footswitch display and LEDs show you some of the same information as the amplifier screen, so you can, for example, tune your guitar and select presets by watching the footswitch without ever looking at the screen onboard the Mustang!

Does SRV use overdrive?

The Vibroverbs, each featuring a single 15-inch speaker, were the source of Vaughan’s cranked-up overdrive tones, and he also used one of the combos to power his Fender Vibratone rotating-speaker cabinet throughout his career.

Which amps are compatible with Fender Tone?


  • Mustang™ GTX50$399.99SHOP. Mustang™ GTX50$399.99.
  • Mustang™ GTX100$499.99SHOP. Mustang™ GTX100$499.99.
  • Rumble™ Studio 40$399.99SHOP. Rumble™ Studio 40$399.99.
  • Rumble™ Stage 800$999.99SHOP. Rumble™ Stage 800$999.99.

What is the FTSW input for?

What is a footswitch input? It can control a few things: channel switching, reverb, tremolo, or other features. You can’t plug a guitar into it, though, only a foot switch.

What does FSTW mean on amp?

FTSW is for a footswitch. You don’t have one, so ignore that. Generally pedals can be before the amp, in a loop, or after the amp (and also on the mic for recording purposes) but on a small combo amp like you have, your only option is pre amp FX. You plug the guitar into the pedal, then the pedal into the amp.

What is sag in amplifiers?

General. One of the terms you often hear in discussions about tube guitar amplifiers is “sag”. Sag refers to the drooping of the power supply voltage in response to large transient signals, which lends a certain dynamic “feel” to the tube amplifier that is not generally found in solid-state amplifiers.

Did SRV scoop his mids?

SRV’s tone is relatively scooped (low mids) and you need to EQ and match the amp, speakers, pedals and guitar all together. A bright sounding guitar (thin neck, hard fretwood material, bright pickups) should be matched with an amp that has enough mids and lows. 12″ and 15″ speakers usually have strong mids.

What Speaker is in the Fender Mustang 3?

But, in this feature, we’re going to look at the Fender Mustang III in more depth to see if it is the best fender amp you can buy. Fender amps are almost as legendary as Fender guitars….Key Specifications of the Fender Mustang III.

Speaker G12T-100 12 inch – Celestion
Weight 36 lbs
Height 17.75 inches
Depth 10.75 inches

What is FTSW on an amp mean?

FTSW stands for footswitch ~ for those effects that you might want to use outside of the Fender Mustang presets ~ though they are seemingly endless otherwise ~ note; I have not even been to the website where you can get more presets and save to this awesome amp.

What settings should my Fender amp be on?

Thought to be one of the more optimal Fender amp settings.

  • AMP: BASS: 2 / MIDS: 3 / TREBLE: 6 / GAIN: 0 / VOLUME: 6 / REVERB: OFF.

What is the SRV tone?

For the sake of accuracy we will define the “SRV Tone” we’re talking about. We refer to the early period around the Texas Flood album and the legendary El Mocambo concert, where his amps are slightly more cranked. He uses several amps, Vibroverbs, Super Reverbs and Dumble Steel Stringer, just to mention a few.

How do I sound like SRV with my gear?

How do I sound get SRV tone with my gear?” This is a hard question to answer, impossible almost. There are no magic settings, there is no magic gear. Your tone starts with what you play, how you play it, and is shaped by the gear you have. You will never have SRV’s gear, and even if you did, if you can’t play like him, it won’t sound like him.

What are the best pedals for SRV tone?

Here is the El Mocambo setup, a Vibroverb and Super Reverb together. Boost and overdrive pedals will give you the more saturated SRV tones, particularly used to boost the guitar solos. The best suited pedals are those with good transparancy and little color. You still need to hear the Stratocaster and the Fender amp.

Is SRV guitar easy to master?

A guitar set up for SRV is not easy to master for entry-level players that favor easy-played low-action guitars with thin strings. But by endless practicing of the SRV technique, energy and power, you will achieve both great guitarist skills and tone.