How do I find the Process Id of w3wp exe?

This is the easiest way to accomplish:

  1. In Task Manager add the PID (process identifier) column.
  2. Open IIS and in the Connections panel select the server node.
  3. In Features View double click the Worker Processes and based on the Application Pool Name you will be able to determine the Process Id required.

How do I find the IIS Process Id?

IIS Manager

  1. Go to run and type, inetmgr and press enter.
  2. In the IIS Manager, select the server name in the left panel.
  3. Then open “Worker Processes” from the main screen, under the IIS section.
  4. You can see that the unique Process ID has been mentioned against each app pool entry.

What is w3wp worker process?

“An Internet Information Services (IIS) worker process is a Windows process (w3wp.exe) which runs web applications, and is responsible for handling requests sent to a web Server for a specific application pool.”

What does w3wp exe mean?

Internet Information Services (IIS) worker process
An Internet Information Services (IIS) worker process is a windows process (w3wp.exe) which runs Web applications, and is responsible for handling requests sent to a Web Server for a specific application pool. It is the worker process for IIS.

How do I get rid of w3wp exe?

Quick-Tip: How to Kill . NET Worker Process

  1. Open a command prompt via whatever means your version of Windows requires. Click on Start -> Run -> Type “CMD” -> Click OK. Click on Start -> Type “CMD” in Textbox -> Press Enter. Etc.
  2. At the command prompt type “taskkill /IM w3wp.exe /F”.
  3. Press Enter.

Which app pool is the w3wp process?

IIS application pool
You can easily see the name of the IIS application pool and the Process Id for the running w3wp.exe process. If you want to go even a step further, you can double click on a worker process to see which web requests are currently executing within your IIS worker process.

What is w3wp exe high memory?

In this scenario, the memory usage for the W3wp.exe worker process of Internet Information Services (IIS) increases. When the memory usage increases to a high value, you have to manually recycle the IIS application pool that the Commerce Server site runs.

Can I end IIS worker process?

Double click on “Worker Processes” and you can get a list of which processes are currently running, here you can find your second process. Open the Windows Task Manager, ensure that the PID and Command Line columns are shown on the screen. For the second process, you can end it.

How do I check my IIS app pool?


  1. Logon to the Controller application server (as a Windows administrator)
  2. From the Start menu, open ‘Administrative Tools’ and launch “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”
  3. Navigate to the ‘Application Pools’ section.

How do I stop w3wp process?

Why do we use IIS?

Role Description. The Web Server (IIS) role in Windows Server 2012 provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible platform for reliably hosting websites, services, and applications. With IIS 8 you can share information with users on the Internet, an intranet, or an extranet.

How do I check my application pool status?

The Get-IISAppPool cmdlet gets information about application pools and their current status and other key information. If a specific application pool or a comma delimited list of application pools are requested, only those whose names are passed as an argument are returned.

Can I end process w3wp exe?

It is generally safe, yes. A better thing to do would be to stop and restart the application pool that the application is tied to.

What is IIS function?

Internet Information Services (IIS) is a flexible, general-purpose web server from Microsoft that runs on Windows systems to serve requested HTML pages or files. An IIS web server accepts requests from remote client computers and returns the appropriate response.