How do I export NetScaler configuration?

​Log on to the NetScaler administration console. Click the Configurations tab and then click the Save icon (floppy button) on the right-hand side. . Clicking Save ensures that running configurations are saved into the ns. conf file before exporting the file.

How do I check my NetScaler config?

The running configuration on a NetScaler can be seen by issuing the show ns runningconfig command in the Command Line.

How do I create a support bundle in NetScaler?

Download technical support bundle from Citrix ADC MPX and VPX appliances

  1. Navigate to System > Diagnostic.
  2. In the Technical Support Tools section, click Generate Support File link.
  3. In the Tech Support page, set the following parameters:

Who is Carl Stalhood?

Carl Stalhood is a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), a VMware EUC vExpert, a VMware Implementation Expert 7 Desktop & Mobility (VCIX7-DTM) and works as a Principal Consultant for Sirius Computer Solutions in Kansas City. More info at About Carl Stalhood.

How do I generate CSR in Citrix NetScaler?

In the NetScaler console, on the Configuration tab, in the tree menu, expand Traffic Management and then click SSL. On the NetScaler > Traffic Management > SSL page, under SSL Certificates, click Create CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Create a request file name (i.e. example. csr).

How do I use packet capture in NetScaler?

Record packet trace on NetScaler 10.5 appliance

  1. Navigate to System > Diagnostics page.
  2. Click the Start new trace link under Technical Support Tools as shown in the following screenshot.
  3. Update the packet size to 0 in the Packet Size field.
  4. Click Start to start recording the network packet trace.

What is the NetScaler Gateway?

NetScaler Unified Gateway offers secure remote access of virtual desktops and a variety applications from a single point of entry and with single sign-on (SSO). The NetScaler Management and Analytics System is a platform designed for the organization and automation of policy management across devices and applications.

How do I generate a CSR in NetScaler 13?

To create CSR file

  1. Back in the SSL Files page, on the right, switch to the tab named CSRs.
  2. Click the button named Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  3. In the Request File Name field, enter the name of a new CSR file.
  4. In the Key Filename field, click Choose File (Appliance) and select the previously created .

What are pcap files?

PCAP files are data files created using a program. These files contain packet data of a network and are used to analyze the network characteristics. They also contribute to controlling the network traffic and determining network status.

Why NetScaler is used?

Citrix NetScaler is an ADC system from Citrix that provides Level 4 load balancing to deliver better performance for apps and services. It optimizes, secures, and controls the delivery of applications, providing the required flexibility for businesses to improve performance and continuity.