How do I contact Bid or Buy?

If you need assistance with updating or changing details, please contact our customer support team at 010 005 6200, [email protected] or via the live chat.

Is bid or buy legit?

Please don’t ever buy anything from any of the sellers on Bidorbuy because they are cahoots with their sellers and they actually rob you from your hard earned money by telling you that they have a 30 day buyer protection clause which they abuse to rob their actual clients from their hard earned money.

Where is bid or buy based?

Johannesburg, South Africa

Type of business Private company
Headquarters Johannesburg, South Africa
Key people Andy Higgins, Director; Craig Lubbe, CEO
Industry Internet online marketplaces
Products Online auction hosting

How do you bid on Bid or Buy?

How Do I Bid on Auctions? The online auctions on bidorbuy allow participants to bid for items online. The bidorbuy auctions are an ascending bid auctions in which bids are open for all to see. The winner is the highest bidder and the price is the highest bid, providing the (optional) reserve price has been met.

Can you get scammed on Bid or Buy?

“Instances of outright scamming attempts are rare on bidorbuy. That’s not only because our security team regularly patrols the site, it’s also because our community of users are well-versed in recognising suspicious listings, and are quick to alert us as soon as they do.

How do I get a refund on Bid or Buy?

In order to get a refund under the Buyer protection programme, certain conditions need to be fulfilled: The item must be purchased using one of these payment methods: bobPay EFT, bobPay Credit Card, Discovery Miles, bobBucks, or Cash Deposit into bidorbuy’s accounts, SnapScan, Zapper, Scode, MobiCred and MasterPass.

Is bidorbuy safe to use?

Although the vast majority of bidorbuy transactions are trouble-free, in the unlikely event of fraud, the bidorbuy Buyer protection programme provides an additional measure of safety. This gives buyers additional security and safety when trading on the bidorbuy site.

Is bid or buy a South African company?

bidorbuy is a South African online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers through online auctions and fixed price sales.

Who owns Bidorbuy Co Za?

Craig Lubbe took over as Bidorbuy CEO in January 2019. Bidorbuy has survived many ups and downs and is now one of the most recognisable ecommerce names in South African with swanky offices in Bryanston. While Higgins is no longer operationally involved in Bidorbuy, his close ties with the company remains.

How long do you have to pay bid or buy?

bidorbuy guidelines are that transactions should be completed within 7 days of the original transaction date.

How do I open a bid or buy account?

Click on the Join link at the top of all bidorbuy pages and complete the registration form. Please note that by creating an account you confirm you have read and agreed to abide by the bidorbuy terms and conditions. After registration, you will now need to activate your account.

Is bidorbuy a South African company?

Can I get scammed on bidorbuy?

How do I cancel a bid or buy order?

Click on Open items in the Activity section. In the page that appears, click on View bids. Click on Delete. Choose a reason from the drop down and click on Submit.

Does bidorbuy have a store?

bidorbuy Stores provide small to medium sized businesses with a low-cost and highly effective way to increase sales. With the increased promotion you can capitalise on access to South Africa’s thriving online marketplace. bidorbuy Stores are a low cost way for a small business or companies to break into e-commerce.

Does Etsy work in South Africa?

Be sure to subscribe for updates or follow on Bloglovin’ or Facebook to catch the rest of the series which will include getting Etsy payments in South Africa. Your first step is to go to and select Sell on Etsy and then Open at Etsy Shop. Fill in all your details and click Register.

How does bid or buy make money?

Basically, you send people to a particular website through your own site or via a link or URL that they follow. They then buy something from that site and you are paid a commission. So if you send people a link or you are a website owner and people visit another site from yours you can earn money. It’s that simple!

Can I use PayPal on bidorbuy?

Buyers and sellers on bidorbuy can transact using PayPal payment method, if both are registered with PayPal. To offer PayPal as a payment option, sellers need to enter add their PayPal account ID into the bidorbuy system.

Does bid or buy deliver?

There are many different shipping methods available on bidorbuy. Delivery times will vary depending on the options offered and selected. An item posted via regular post will take longer to arrive than an item shipped via a courier service; however, the latter will as a rule be more expensive.

How does delivery work on Bid or Buy?

When you place an order, you can select one of the shipping methods offered. During checkout, the bidorbuy system automatically calculates what you need to pay for shipping and adds shipping fees to the amount due. Your seller needs to send you the order tracking details, if applicable.

How much does it cost to sell on bidorbuy?

The fee charged is 6.61% of R85 and amounts to R5. 62 including VAT. The total fees you will pay to Bidorbuy on the final order value of R220 will equal R11.

How many days does bid or buy take to deliver?

within 7 days
bidorbuy guidelines are that transactions should be completed within 7 days of the original transaction date. If you have been unable to contact the seller after the 7 day period, you would need to co…

What happened to Olx South Africa?

OLX shut down all its African offices except South Africa on 6 February 2018, pulling out of Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. The classifieds platform continued to operate in these countries remotely and was acquired by Jiji in April 2019.

How do I delete my bid or buy account?

How Do I Close My bidorbuy Account? In order to close your bidorbuy account please send an email to [email protected] to request closure of your account. Note that you will still be liable for payment of any outstanding fees to bidorbuy should this be applicable.

How do I file SNC on bid or Buy?

How to file for an SNC credit:

  1. Log into your bidorbuy account.
  2. Go to the Selling tab of your My bidorbuy.
  3. Find the Sale not complete section.
  4. Click on File SNC alerts link.
  5. File the SNC on the relevant item.