How densely populated is Massachusetts?

890 people per square mile
Massachusetts has a density of 890 people per square mile, making it the third most dense of the fifty states (fifth including District of Columbia and Puerto Rico).

What are the most densely populated towns in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Population Density City Rank

Rank Population Density ▼ City / Population
1. 18,378.3/sq mi Somerville, MA / 77,560
2. 15,083.4/sq mi Chelsea, MA / 37,084
3. 15,034.1/sq mi Cambridge, MA / 106,844
4. 11,867.8/sq mi Malden, MA / 60,309

What percent of Massachusetts is black?

Massachusetts Demographics White: 76.56% Black or African American: 7.47% Asian: 6.78%

What are the 10 most densely populated states in the United States?

2020 population density by state or territory

State or territory Population density
Rank (all) per mi2
District of Columbia 1 11295
New Jersey 2 1263
Rhode Island 3 1061

What is the whitest town in Massachusetts?

North Seekonk, MA is ranked #39 with the White Population Percentage of 97.6%….Massachusetts White Population Percentage City Rank.

Rank White Population Percentage ▼ City / Population
1. 100.0% Seconsett Island, MA / 81
1. 100.0% Popponesset, MA / 310
1. 100.0% Popponesset Island, MA / 39
4. 99.6% Seabrook, MA / 477

Is Massachusetts becoming more diverse?

U.S. Census data released Thursday shows that Massachusetts became significantly more diverse over the last decade, but is still less diverse than the country as a whole. The latest figures show that 67.6% of the Massachusetts population was white in 2020, down from 76.1% in 2010, when the last census was completed.

What is the least populated town in Massachusetts?

By area, population, and population density, it is the smallest town in the county; and is the second-smallest town by population in the Commonwealth, with only Gosnold having fewer residents….

Monroe, Massachusetts
Settled 1800
Incorporated 1822
• Type Open town meeting

Why is NJ so dense?

The many jobs in New Jersey have contributed to its dense population. For instance, the state is home to a large portion of the pharmaceutical industry and its related jobs. Plus, New Jersey residents commute to New York City and enjoy a lower cost of living.

What is the least dense state in the US?

Alaska is the largest US state by area and the least densely populated.

What is the least populated New England state?

Vermont is the least populous and has just over 626,000 inhabitants.

What is the most populated city in Massachusetts?

There have been 76,649,700 reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States to date — and that number continues to grow every day. In the Boston-Cambridge-Newton metropolitan area, which covers parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, a total of 1,042,739 COVID-19 cases have been reported to date.

What state has the largest population density?

Alaska (Population density: 1 people per square mile)

  • Wyoming (Population density: 6 people per square mile)
  • Montana (Population density: 7 people per square mile)
  • North Dakota (Population density: 10 people per square mile)
  • South Dakota (Population density: 11 people per square mile)
  • New Mexico (Population density: 17 people per square mile)
  • How many residents in Massachusetts?

    Massachusetts is the 15th most populous state in the U.S., with an estimated population of 6.8 million in 2017. Boston, which is the capital of the state, is the most populated, with an estimated 667,137 residents in 2017. The second most populous city, Worcester, falls far behind with just 184,815 people.

    How many adults in Massachusetts?

    There were 16,621 new coronavirus cases confirmed in Massachusetts on Monday, down from 31,184 on Monday, which included cases reported over the weekend. There were 94 reported coronavirus deaths in Tuesday’s report, bringing the total to 19,954 since the first Massachusetts COVID-19 death was reported on March 20, 2020.