How common are longboard injuries?

34.3% in skateboarders, p < 0.000) and rarely in skate parks (1.4% vs. 26.4% in skateboarders, p < 0.000). Longboarders suffered twice as many injuries to their heads and necks (23.3% vs. 13.1%, p < 0.000) and twice as many severe neurological traumas (8.6 vs.

How fast do longboarders go downhill?

Longboarding speed typically ranges from 6 mph when cruising, to 50-65 mph when downhill riding. You actual speed will depend on your riding style, your ability to push and pump, the kind of slope you ride on, your weight, the board you’re riding, your speed tuck, and how well you can brake !

How safe is longboarding?

Longboarders were at much greater risk of head fracture, traumatic brain injury and bleeding inside the skull (intracranial hemorrhage) than skateboarders. Among longboarders, 8 percent had a head fracture, 31 percent had a traumatic brain injury and 14 percent had an intracranial hemorrhage.

Is riding a longboard safe?

Longboarding is not an inherently dangerous sport. However, it is basically as safe as you make it ! Some longboarding disciplines involve higher speeds, and hence more risk, than others.

Should I wear a helmet while longboarding?

All longboarders wear helmets. The only longboarders who do not wear helmets are beginners. You’ll see most skateboarders at skateparks do not have helmets on, this is because of the type of skating they are doing.

Is it safe to skate downhill?

Downhill skating isn’t 100% safe, but it is safe enough that skaters can do it over and over again without worry of serious injures or death.

What’s safer a longboard or a skateboard?

How do you bail off a longboard?

Roll sideways from a standing position. From a standing position, swing your arm across your upper body and your leg across your lower body to “sweep yourself off” the floor. Simultaneously, you lower your butt to the floor and roll over the side of your butt and lower back like.

What’s the fastest longboard speed?

91.17 mph
Records. The land speed record on a longboard of 146.73 km/h (91.17 mph) was set in 2017 by Peter Connolly.

Can you cruise on a downhill board?

Very light concave This is amplified if you have particularly big feet. Fortunately, most cruiser boards don’t have too much concave. Some downhill longboards do have a considerable amount and are one of the reasons most of them aren’t very good for simply cruising around.

Is Downhill longboarding dangerous?

However, while downhill longboarding is often perceived as being for reckless hotheads with a death wish, it’s really not true. Just like most big wave ocean surfers, serious downhill riders are highly committed, technical, and generally responsible sports enthusiasts who seek to push their limits without unnecessary risks.

How do I get Started with Downhill longboarding?

You should first practice sliding on flat surface and small slopes before attempting them on real hills. Read about sliding fundamentals here. Once you have the basics down, let’s look at the more advanced techniques used in downhill longboarding.

Are stand up slides good for Downhill longboarding?

Stand up slides are good for learning at low speed and are often used in freeriding at moderate speeds, but they are riskier at high downhill speed. Red Bull even holds an extreme “No Paws Down” (no-hands sliding) downhill longboard race in Slovenia. As I mentioned earlier, carving is an important skill in downhill.

Why are longboard Speed riders so close-knit?

Such shared passion, intense moments and emotions bring riders together in a close-knit community sometimes described as a family. As is the case for ocean surfers, longboard speed riders bind with each other across age groups, social status, cultural backgrounds. Speed is their common denominator.