How big is North Florida Speedway?

North Florida Speedway is a 3/8-mile semi-baked dirt oval. The track sits on 25+/- acres of Florida real estate. In 1963, a race track was constructed between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. It’s now the second oldest speedway in the state of Florida.

Who owns North Florida Speedway?

Tom and Missy Bell
It was a night of “welcome the new” and “surprises” at North Florida Speedway in Lake City, Florida as new track owners Tom and Missy Bell presented their first night of action at the 3/8’s dirt speed plant.

Who owns North Florida Motorplex?

Formerly known as Powerhouse Dragway, the new North Florida Motorplex is proudly owned by Kevin and Tonya McDaniel. Home to the Thunderstruck Dragstrip, Mad Mac’s Dirt Track, and more, North Florida Motorplex is the Florida panhandle’s home for performance!

How big is all tech Speedway?

The event will be a part of the new “XR Super Series” and will feature two nights of Super Late Models with both Friday and Saturday night payouts of $25,000-to-win. All-Tech Raceway is a half-mile state-of-the-art clay oval in Lake City, Fla.

How many dog tracks are in Florida?

There were 17 tracks alone in Florida. Once the Florida tracks close, there will be only four greyhound tracks left in the U.S., two of which are slated to close at the end of 2022. The last holdout will be West Virginia, which has two greyhound tracks.

Who won at Tech Raceway?

Tim McCreadie
5 to go, Strickler brushes the outside wall with the right rear but keeps rolling. 4 to go, McCreadie leads by 2 seconds. Tim McCreadie wins at All-Tech Raceway!

What is the oldest speedway in the US?

Opening in 1950, Darlington Raceway is one of NASCAR’s oldest tracks, and the oldest superspeedway on the circuit. Built on farmland, the idea for Darlington was a track and event that could rival the Indy 500, but in the south. The track features a unique design, with turns one and two that are wide and sweeping.

Is Desoto Speedway still open?

Its gates closed and the track was abandoned for the past two years, however. “We’re hoping to put on a show for the people out here, you know, bring back the legacy of this American historic racing track,” McFarland said to WWSB.

How big is all-tech Speedway?

How big is All-Tech Raceway?

Location: Lake City (Ellisville), FL Track Address: Lake City (Ellisville), FL 32024 Official Track Website:
Description: 1/2 mi dirt oval Track Length: 1/2 mi Surface: Dirt Shape: Oval
The presence of a track does not guarantee weekly racing. Always call ahead to confirm this track’s schedule.

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