Does Missouri have a state withholding form?

Consider completing a new Form MO W-4 each year and when your personal or financial situation changes. Visit our online withholding calculator

Where can I get mo tax forms?

To Obtain Tax Forms: Visit the “Tax Forms” section of the website, to download forms, fill in and print, or just print the forms you need. If you need to obtain a Federal Form, you can access the IRS website at

How do I withhold my Missouri state taxes?

Submit an email to [email protected] and provide your Missouri Tax ID number, the specific tax period in question, the payment amount and electronic confirmation number.

What is a mo Form 1040?

The Individual Income Tax Return (Form MO-1040) is Missouri’s long form. It is a universal form that can be used by any taxpayer. If you do not have any of the special filing situations described below and you choose to file a paper tax return, try filing a short form.

What is the difference between a W-4 and a W 4P?

The draft Form W-4P is similar to the revised Form W-4 that was rolled out in 2020, and provides for a new default withholding rate of single with no adjustments (rather than married with three allowances).

Are you exempt from Missouri withholding?

Exemption from withholding. You may claim exemption from withholding for 2020 if you meet both of the following conditions: you had no federal income tax liability in 2019 and you expect to have no federal income tax liability in 2020.

Why do I need a mo-1040?

You must file Form MO-1040 if at least one of the following applies: You or your spouse claim or file: a. a pension or social security/social security disability or military exemption or property tax credit and you also have other special filing situations.

Do I have to file a mo state tax return?

If you or your spouse earned Missouri source income of $600 or more (other than military pay), you must file a Missouri income tax return by completing Form MO-1040 and Form MO-NRI. Be sure to include a copy of your federal return.

Is Missouri W-4 required?

If you do not complete a new W-4 by February 15, Payroll will begin withholding tax as if you are single with zero withholding allowances. Signature (Required) Employee signature. Date (Required) Must be the date the form is signed, back dating is not allowed.

What forms do I need to send with my Missouri tax return?

Who must file a Missouri tax return?

You’re required to file a Missouri tax return if you receive income from a Missouri source. There are a few exceptions: You’re a Missouri resident, and your state adjusted gross income is less than $1,200. You’re a nonresident, and your Missouri income was less than $600.