Does Deloitte give offer letter?

Offer letter, background check, drug testing, orientation to specific programs and projects, collaborative monthly review on program and course of action. Offer letter and received the joining date within 2 weeks of final interview. It usually takes about one month to get onboard after receipt of the offer letter.

How long does it take for Deloitte to give offer letter?

Deloitte generally takes 8–10 days to release the offer letter after completing pre-hire survey.

Does Deloitte negotiate salary after offer letter?

In General, Deloitte USI does not re-negotiate. This I am saying based on my experience and surely there can be exception. Once you have accepted offer, it’s tough to get it changed. But if you genuinely feel that you can get better offer then inform HR honestly and see what they suggest.

How do I accept a Deloitte offer?

I have received Deloitte (USI) Offer Letter today, My query is, How to accept it? Do we need to send an additional email for acceptance of the offer letter or uploading digital signature & date is enough? you need to digitally sign it. you will get option at 3rd page and 7th page.

Does Deloitte offer joining bonus?

Joining bonus will be credited along with your first month salary. Its mentioned on the offer letter that when you get it. So basically you will get the Joining bonus on your 1st salary whenever it happened.

Does Deloitte wait for 3 months notice period?

Yes. I work in Accenture which has 3 months notice period. Deloitte has given offer letter with joining date which is after 3 months.

Does Deloitte give new laptop?

Laptop is only given, screens or desktop is not issued. thus you might suffer from backache and they don’t care. and also most of the people get 12 inches laptops and there is no choice for laptop thus you end up coding in small screen all the time and it has very bad quality display.

Does Deloitte provide meals?

Provide free lunch and snacks. Only during busy season and on festivals.

Does Deloitte give phones?

Yes they do. Senior consultants can buy a mobile of their choice from the options listed by deloitte along with the vendor from whom they can be procured.

Does Deloitte give birthday gifts?

Deloitte USI do not give diwali gift or bonus. But they have year long benefits that value much than diwali gifts in terms of collective disconnect, leaves, policies, reimbursements, perks and much more. Nothing for Deloitte consulting.

What is the CTC of Deloitte?

Fresher Salary in Companies Similar to Deloitte

Company Name Avg. Salary
Deloitte Fresher salary (4 Salaries) 6,50,000/yr
N+A Fresher salary (133 Salaries) 2,47,481/yr
TCS Fresher salary (89 Salaries) 3,52,153/yr
Cognizant Fresher salary (87 Salaries) 4,12,659/yr