Do Wonderballs still exist?

Wonder Balls Originally known as Nestle Magic, these chocolate balls enclosed the ultimate surprise with a variety of tiny kids’ toys. However, in 1997, they were discontinued after being deemed a ‘choking hazard’ for children.

When did they stop making Wonderballs?

Whatever happened to Wonder Balls, those delicious, thin spheres of chocolate with prizes inside? Sadly, tragically, they were discontinued in 2004. This is the sad, true story, of the Wonder Ball. Wonder Balls originally went by the name Nestlé Magic Balls, as they were distributed by Nestlé in the mid 1990s.

What is a Wonder Ball candy?

The Wonder Ball is a brand of chocolate manufactured in the United States by Nestlé and later by the Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company. The spherical candy, which weighs 3 grams, has an outer shell that is pure milk chocolate and a hollow interior containing candies.

Who makes Wonder Ball?

In 2004, the brand was sold to Frankford, which later discontinued manufacturing the Wonder Ball. In 2016, Nestle released Despicable Me-themed Wonder Balls to promote the movie. The next year, they released Shopkins Wonder Balls. These are the two remakes of the Wonder Ball so far.

Why did they stop making PB Max?

According to former Mars executive Alfred Poe, PB Max was discontinued due to the Mars family’s distaste for peanut butter, despite $50 million in sales.

Why was bar none discontinued?

After five years of sluggish sales, Hershey’s decided to discontinue the Bar None entirely instead of reverting back to the original recipe. Many people lamented the end of the original Bar None in 1992 (myself included).

Can you still get Butterfinger BBS?

Butterfinger BB’s They were discontinued in 2006. After much uproar, Butterfinger Bites were introduced in 2009, but they’re just not the same. Thankfully Butterfinger’s new peanut butter cups are pretty good.

Can you still get Butterfinger BBs?

Do they still sell Butterfinger BBs?

Starting in 1992, another form of Butterfinger bars was available called “BB’s.” Similar to Whoppers and Maltesers, they were roughly the size of marbles and sold in bags as well as advertised by the Simpsons. They were discontinued in 2006.

Can you still buy a Reggie bar?

So, in 2020, many of those Clark Reggie Bars with the candy still inside them are being sold on eBay.