Do Nitto tires last long?

As for tread life warranties, Nitto tires average around 50,000 miles of use.

How many years are Nitto tires good for?

While most tires will need replacement before they are 10 years old, Nitto recommends that any tires in service 10 years or more from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear limit.

How can you tell when a Nitto tire was made?

U.S. DOT STANDARD SAFETY CODE The first two numbers or letters are the plant code where the tire was manufactured, and the last three to four numbers represent the week and year the tire was built. Tires built in the 1990’s will have three numbers and may have a triangle to note the decade.

Where in the US are Nitto tires made?

Many of the tires are built in the U.S. at their state-of-the-art factory in Georgia. Learn more at About Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc. Nitto Tire develops performance tires for all uses, including high-performance street, competition, and off-road.

Are Nitto tires made in US?

Nitto Tire develops performance tires for all uses, including high-performance street, competition, and off-road. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in Japan and the United States, Nitto provides innovative and high-quality performance tires for the most demanding automotive enthusiasts.

Who owns Firestone tire?

BridgestoneFirestone Tire and Rubber Company / Parent organization

How many ply are Nitto tires?

LT tires with a “C” load range have a 6-ply rating. LT tires with a “D” load range have an 8-ply rating. LT Tires with an “E” load range have a 10-ply rating. LT Tires with an “F” load range have a 12-ply rating.

Is Nitto Tire American?

As a branch of the Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd., Nitto Tire was founded in 1949 in Japan. In 1966, Toyo Tire became the first Japanese tire manufacturer to establish a distribution branch in the United States, then began manufacturing tires in the U.S. in the late 1980s.

Who is Nitto tires made by?

Toyo Tire Corporation

Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. (TTHA) is the wholly-owned North American subsidiary of Toyo Tire Corporation of Osaka, Japan. Headquartered in Cypress, California, TTHA and its group companies manufacture, import, sell and distribute Toyo and Nitto brand tires in the U.S. and Canada.

How much are Nitto Grappler tires?

Compare with similar items

This item Nitto Terra Grappler All-Terrain Tire – 265/70R16 112S Nitto Terra Grappler G2 265/65R17 116T
Price $17600 $20000
Sold By
Construction Type Radial Radial
Item Dimensions 30.6 x 30.6 x 10.5 inches 31 x 31 x 10 inches

Are Nitto Ridge grapplers worth it?

Truth be told, the Ridge Grappler is one of the best all-terrain tires we tested. We were blown away by how good it is in off-road driving. However, we didn’t find any problems with its on-road performance, either. Nitto is marketing the Ridge Grappler as a cross between an extreme mud tire and an all-terrain tire.

How many miles do you get out of Nitto Ridge grapplers?

They can provide an excellent tread life of about 40,000 to 50,000 miles. There are reviews about the ridge grappler tires from their owners that they run 20,000 to 30,000 miles without any complaint. Ridge grappler lives up to almost all the features a good tire must-have.

Are Nitto tires good in snow?

In the hands of hundreds of northern drivers, both Nitto tires have fared very well in snowy conditions. In fact, both tires have achieved 4.4/5 and 4.5/5 user ratings in Heavy Snow and Light Snow traction, respectively.

Are Toyo and Nitto the same?

Company Name: Nitto Japan Co., Ltd. 6. Ownership: Wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

Do Nitto tires run true to size?

No tire is true to size, but Nittos in general are one of the brands that are closest to being true to size.

How long do Nitto Terra Grapplers last?

How many miles do Nitto Terra Grapplers last? You should expect between 60,000 and 80,000 miles from these tires. Of course, everyone’s driving style and frequency will change how many miles you actually get out of them. As well, keeping your tires properly balanced and pressurized will help reduce the wear over time.

Are Nitto tires noisy?

Nitto’s might be quiet in comparison to other all terrain or even “passenger” tires – but stock tires are chosen because they ARE quiet. “P” rated involves the side wall belts typically. It has nothing to do with tread pattern- which very much affects noise.

How long will Nitto Ridge grapplers last?

They can provide an excellent tread life of about 40,000 to 50,000 miles. There are reviews about the ridge grappler tires from their owners that they run 20,000 to 30,000 miles without any complaint.

Are Nitto Ridge grapplers good in rain?

Even if you never take your vehicle off road, you’ll appreciate the performance and grip in rain and snow. The Ridge Grappler offers the best of both worlds for off-road and on-road performance compared to more aggressive mud, sand or snow tire options.

Are Nitto Grappler tires loud?

The Nitto Ridge Grappler tires were quieter than Terra Grappler G2, but it’s not as quiet as a set of proper highway terrain tires. As we said, there’s barely a hint of tire noise at slow to medium speeds, but there’s more noise as you speed up.

How many miles can you get out of Nitto Ridge Grappler?

Are Nitto tires made in China?

Today, Nitto Tire is now produced in at least six plants around the world, in the United States, Japan, China, and Malaysia, and sells off-road, performance, and luxury tires nearly everywhere.

Are Nitto tires Chinese?

What does LT mean on Nitto tires?

light truck
Metric sizing on off-road tires is typically preceded by letters. In the size LT285/70/R18 on this Nitto Ridge Grappler (below), LT denotes the tire is made for a light truck. If the numbers were preceded by the letter “P,” it would mean the tire was made for a passenger car.

What is the difference between Nitto Terra Grappler and Terra Grappler G2?

The biggest differences are that the Terra Grappler G2’s have greater durability, less noise and better handling. The G2 uses a new rubber formulation to significantly reduce treadwear. The G2s also have full-depth siping, and the reinforced coupling joint between the outer and center tread blocks.

Are Nitto Grapplers good in snow?

They’re quiet on the highway, comfortable even at maximum pressure, do very little rock collecting and have no problem maintaining traction through eight inches of snow.

How noisy is the Nitto Ridge Grappler?

What brand of tires are made in USA?

In fact, there are only two genuine American brands: Goodyear and Cooper. The largest foreign tire companies with plants in the US include Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, and Yokohama.

What’s better load range D or E?

What’s Better: Load Range D or E? Load range D and E tires have different weight capacities. For example, a load range D tire can handle 1,220 lbs at 65 PSI, while an E tires carry 1,520 lbs at 80 PSI. If looking at their load durability, load range E tires are better, but that is the only difference between them.

What is better Load Range C or E?

The load C tires have softer sidewalls and provide a more comfortable ride both on road and off road. The E rated tires have stiffer sidewalls and are more suited for towing or loading the pickup bed with heavy loads.