Do I need an 8130-3?

No. You are not required to use this form for domestic use. The FAA encourages the use of FAA Form 8130-3 for documenting the airworthiness status of FAA-approved products and articles. This will help provide traceability and ease the movement of products and articles throughout the aviation system.

What is a Form 1 Aviation?

The EASA Form 1 is the Authorised Release Certificate released by a POA holder for stating that a product, a part, or a component was manufactured in accordance with approved/not approved design data. NB: the same for is suitable for Maintenance Organization as well.

What is Boeing RDR?

Boeing’s Repair Data Record (RDR) form is an example of such an industry best practice. The FAA encourages other companies to work with their certificate managing office to develop a comparable standard document.

Who can issue CRS to an aircraft?

For any privately operated aircraft of simple design with a maximum takeoff mass of less than 2730 kg, glider, and balloon, the pilot-owner may issue the CRS after limited pilot-owner maintenance listed in Appendix VIII.

What is the difference between approved data and acceptable data?

To summarize, you use acceptable data for all maintenance except major repairs or major alterations. You must use approved data for all major repairs and major alterations.

What is DOA in aviation?

What is a DOA? DOA stands for Design Organisation Approval in aerospace. It is the formal recognition by EASA that a Design Organisation complies with the requirements of Part 21 Subpart J. It’s not just about product design, but full responsibility for that design on an aircraft.

What is FAA acceptable data?

Faa ac 120-77 defines approved data as: “technical and/or substantiating data that has. been approved by the Faa” or by an Faa delegate. such as a Faa-designated engineering represen- tative (Der) or Faa-authorized representative (ar).

What is an FAA Form 8130-3?

An FAA Form 8130-3 may be issued to document airworthiness approvals at PAH facilities, including PAH suppliers and associate facilities identified in the PAH’s approved procedures.

What if my CAA is unable to answer my form 8130-3 question?

If your CAA is unable to answer your question regarding the FAA Form 8130-3, the CAA will contact the FAA through proper channels for guidance. Only CAAs may contact the FAA directly.

How do you format an 8130-3 block 13e?

Enter the date when the authorized inspection was made or conformity was determined. Today the proper date format for the 8130-3 block 13e and 14e is “two-digit day/the first three letters of the month/4-digit year,” for example, “08/Oct/2020.”

What is an 8130-3 dual release certificate?

8130-3 Dual Release Certificate When used to approve a return to service the FAA form 8130-3 must meet the terms of a bilateral agreements maintenance implementation procedures (MIP), the air agency or air carrier must check the two boxes in Block 19 stating “14 CFR 43.9 Return to Service” and “Other regulations specified in Block 13.”