Did Keith Richards write life?

Life is a memoir by the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, written with the assistance of journalist James Fox….Life (Richards book)

Cover of the first UK edition of Life
Author Keith Richards, James Fox
Genre Memoir
Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK) Little, Brown and Company (US)
Publication date 26 October 2010

Who reads Life by Keith Richards?

About this item

Listening Length 23 hours and 5 minutes
Author Keith Richards, James Fox
Narrator Johnny Depp, Joe Hurley

What was Keith Richards biggest hit?

Top 10 Keith Richards Rolling Stones Songs

  • “Slipping Away”
  • “Coming Down Again”
  • “Wanna Hold You”
  • “Memory Motel” From: ‘Black and Blue’ (1976)
  • “Little T&A” From: ‘Tattoo You’ (1981)
  • “You Got the Silver” From: ‘Let It Bleed’ (1969)
  • “Before They Make Me Run” From: ‘Some Girls’ (1978)
  • “Happy” From: ‘Exile on Main St.’ (

Who wrote Life by Keith Richards?

Keith Richards
James Fox

Who is Keith Richards son?

Marlon Richards
Tara Richards
Keith Richards/Sons

Who owns the Rolling Stones catalog?

The Stones’ songs before 1971 are owned by their former label, ABKCO. The company essentially owns all the Stones’ material up to “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses.” The rest of the songs on Sticky Fingers, and everything since, are now under the control of BMG.

How much is the Rolling Stones catalog worth?

Winning three Grammy Awards, The Stones is widely regarded as one of the biggest rock bands of all time. As of October 2021, The Rolling Stones’ net worth is $950 million.

How much Rolling Stones make per concert?

Key Facts. According to data from Pollstar, the Rolling Stones had the highest-grossing tour of the year, earning over $115 million and selling over 516,000 tickets for 12 shows across 11 cities, charging an average of roughly $223 per ticket.

Who has the largest private guitar collection?

Songbirds Guitar Museum in Chattanooga Has World’s Largest Collection of its Kind. Songbirds Guitar Museum — opened in 2017 in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee — has more than 1,700 fretted instruments in its collection, touted as the world’s largest private one specifically of rare and vintage guitars.