Can you reuse Sophie the Giraffe?

Furthermore, it is important to remember that Sophie la girafe is made from natural rubber; a “living” material that changes over time. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of Sophie la girafe by a second baby.

Is Sophie safe?

When I inquired, I got the following response. The U.S. distributor of Sophie, a company called Calisson, sent me lab testing data dated January 2011. This test shows that Sophie tests below the maximum levels of Nitrosamine, proving it safe in this regard. The levels are basically undetectable, under 0.01 mg/kg.

Is Sophie the Giraffe toxic?

This is absolutely horrifying. When parents discovered mold in their “Tommee Tippee Sippee” cups in 2016, people everywhere were horrified. Well, we have more bad news: Sophie the Giraffe isn’t safe either. Recent reports from parents reveal people have found mold growing inside of the popular toddler teething toy.

Why is Sophie the Giraffe so expensive?

So why does it cost so much? Sophie has been French mothers go-to teething toy since 1961. The toy is made in France rather than in China, and is made with natural rubber rather than plastic. That means the product costs more to make and is relatively expensive around the globe — but that hasn’t stopped its popularity.

Does Sophie the Giraffe get mold?

Some parents discovered gnarly mold inside ‘Sophie the Giraffe,’ a popular teething toy.

Is Sophie La Giraffe worth it?

Overall, Sophie the Giraffe is a well-made teether. It is lightweight and easy for young babies to grasp on to. The legs are really appealing for babies to chew on, and I think many babies do love this teether.

Can Sophie Giraffe go in water?

Keeping the Toy — and Its Image — Clean As indicated on the packaging and in an explanatory leaflet inside the packaging, we recommend to clean the surface of ‘Sophie la girafe’ with a damp cloth. It should not be immersed in the water nor rinsed off, to prevent water from getting inside, as she may become damaged.”

Why is Sophie La Giraffe so expensive?

Why is everyone obsessed with Sophie the Giraffe?

Part of the appeal of Sophie is her European lineage. She is from France (a sticker on her packaging depicts Sophie in front of the Eiffel Tower), created in 1961 by “a certain Monsieur Rampeau,” and she was an instant success in that country, where chewing on a Sophie has become a right of passage for French babies.