Can you fix dents in MacBook Pro?

Dents in your MacBook Pro aluminum case are a cosmetic problem you can usually ignore. If your MacBook Pro was damaged and no longer works, take it to an Apple store or an authorized service center to have it professionally repaired.

Can you fix a dent in a MacBook Air?

Repairing a dent in a MacBook uses the same technique used when removing dents from other aluminum materials but requires a complete teardown of the device to access the damaged areas.

How much does it cost to fix MacBook dents?

If you bring it to a tech, they will probably charge around $150 to replace it in labor cost.

How do I fix my nicks on my MacBook?

There is a MacBook Pro scratch remover for your screen, but it’s more of the homemade variety. You need toothpaste, a soft toothbrush and a soft cloth to get started. Gently spread the toothpaste using the toothbrush and then polish the screen with a soft cloth.

Does Apple fix cosmetic damage?

Apple has never offered service for purely cosmetic damage. If it still works fine, then they will not do anything. They only service functional issues with devices.

Can Apple fix dents?

All replies Ask your local Apple Store. Apple will generally replace the case if damaged. If you have AppleCare Plus you are covered for 2 incidents of accidental damage. Small dents may or may not be covered, Check with Apple.

How do you get a dent out of a Macbook Pro lid?

I have had some small success with heating the dented area with a hair dryer, and then applying extreme cold to it after. I did this with a compressed air can. If you hold the compressed air can upside down, it makes the air come out extremely cold.

How do you get a dent out of a Macbook Pro?

Does Apple Care Plus cover dent?

If you have AppleCare+ it will cover a large portion of accidental damage. There will be a cost associated with fixing your dent and scratches on the case.

Does AppleCare cover dents on MacBook Pro?

All replies. A warranty, any warranty, does not cover physical damage. Officially, Apple will not repair “cosmetic damage”, under which dents, scratches, scrapes, etc.

Does AppleCare fix dents?

Officially, Apple will not repair “cosmetic damage”, under which dents, scratches, scrapes, etc.

How do you unbend a corner on a Macbook?

You can use Soft Jaw Pliers or Soft Jaw Needle Nose Pliers to bend it back. DeltaMac said: OP’s dent is in the hinge area, so won’t be as accessible as yours on the front corner.

Does Macbook warranty cover dents?

Does AppleCare cover small dents?

Apple Care + covers to incidents of Accidental Damage on the iPhone for $79 ca. You may be able to apply for that. Though it seems a little extreme for a couple dents and scratches. In any case, Apple Care is linked to the device, not the owner.

How do you get a dent out of a MacBook Pro?

Does AppleCare cover cosmetic damage on Macbook?

AppleCare+ does not cover your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch for loss or theft, wear and tear, or for cosmetic damage which does not affect the functioning of the device (see clause 5.1). AppleCare+ does not cover you for failures due to defects in design, materials or workmanship.